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Eight rounds a night?!

When I am with my girlfriend, I want to go for eight rounds in a night but she is only willing to do three or four. So now I feel like leaving her. What should I do?

LOL!!! Are you kidding? Eight rounds? Seriously? What are you, half lion?

That your current girlfriend is willing to have sex three or four times a night is commendable. Does she have a job? Is she now bowlegged and an inch shorter?

Jokes aside though, you do have a high libido and it has the danger of running your life. This is called your youth, hence the joke: ‘young, dumb and full of c*m!’

Quality over quantity

There is a reason young people are typically at the highest risk for sexually transmitted infections – with their high desire, few commitments, and a stamina-filled body addled with hormones.

Many people would say ‘find a few lovers and spread yourself around, literally’. But I think, sticking to only intercourse is a very limited approach to sex. There is so much to try, especially when you focus on your partner’s pleasure. So I say: try quality over quantity.

Have you tried oral sex? Or manual stimulation using your fingers? Have you found all of your partner’s erogenous zones? Do you know exactly how to touch and/or kiss them? The back of her knees, her neck, her spine… What about her feet?

Most men who can perform intercourse well tend to under-rate foreplay in general because they think their penis is all they need.

But women are different: our bodies, and especially our minds, demand more attention. I think you will find a different type of pleasure in pleasing your partner.

Careful, deliberate lovers

Can you imagine how she feels each time you get an erection? It may seem like a chore – I can almost hear her groaning ‘Ooooohhhh God, here we go…’ as opposed to ‘Oh God! Here we go!’ You will find that she is more willing if you focus on her, even if it’s only for two of the numberless rounds. Give her an opportunity to be enthused – not repulsed – by the sight and pressure of your erect penis.

I have yet to hear women raving about former lovers who went for eight rounds. But I am constantly seeing wistful eyes follow a former lover across a crowded restaurant. Careful, deliberate lovers… that’s who women remember most. Those are the ones who we take loans for and give our car keys and the remote control to.

Ladies! What do you remember most of past lovers? Quantity or quality? Leave a comment below or join the discussion on Facebook where you can find us at Kenya and Naija.

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  1. i usually ejaculate mostly on
    i usually ejaculate mostly on the 10th minute,n my gf jxt keeps quiet till 15th minute,do i have a problem?

    1. Hi Izak,

      Hi Izak,
      no, you don’t have a problem, and neither does your girlfriend. Arousal and orgasm works totally different for men and woman. And it’s both of your job to get it in sync. That means mainly talking about what you want and need, and when. It also means knowing how the other person’s body works.
      Check out this section, it might help you:

  2. I’m not active in sex plz wot
    I’m not active in sex plz wot can …… i do

    1. Hi Dream Boy,

      Hi Dream Boy,
      if you want to be- look for a partner who also wants to be. Or masturbate to take the immediate edge off.

  3. U got for 8 rounds…the day
    U got for 8 rounds…the day u wil jam a lady who is a sex addict u wil collapse. Ladies can be crazy, dnt underate their caring or sensitive nature.

    1. Thanks for your comment,
      Thanks for your comment, Jerry.

  4. i am 22. n have murstabated
    i am 22. n have murstabated since 11. n i do it even 3 to 4 tyms a day. does it affect my brain capacity to think and work

    1. Hey Yalla,

      Hey Yalla,
      3 to 4 times a day is on the high side, but even that should not affect any of your bodily functions. Are you concerned about something?
      Try to cut it down to once or twice a day for a while.

  5. i have small dick do think
    i have small dick do think there is food staff that i can use 2 improve my size any natural food..

    1. Jonnie,

      What I am hearing from you is that you are uneasy about your penis size and that you are worried that your partners aren’t enjoying physical pleasure and your looking for tricks to please your partner. First it is important to acknowledge that size is relative. Everyone body is different and both penises and vaginas range in sizes. What might be big for one woman is small for anther. So don’t worry to much about the size but they way you work with your partner. Communication leads to the best sex!

      Enjoyment comes from experimenting and communication. Try new things, tell your partner what feels nice and what doesn’t. Take time to pay attention to their body and find the special spots that they love. But most of all have fun.

      Here is some information on penis sizes and enlargement:

      Tips to Make Love:

  6. Am 12cm long erect and the
    Am 12cm long erect and the 1st Ejaculation comes out with in a minute. Dr, Secondly i was earlier addicted to Mustibation and smiply my sperms turned to liquid …. No more concetrated sperms.

    so plz help . i need to generate a Conc Sperms.

    1. Rashill,

      please have a look at this article regarding premature ejaculation.

      And don’t worry too much about the sperm- the consistency doesn’t say anything about the sperm concentration. Your body constantly produces sperm, and even if you masturbate once a day, the sperm concentration doesn’t get significantly lower.

  7. am 24,,,, dated a lady for 2
    am 24,,,, dated a lady for 2 years and we have enjoyed sex in the first and half years,,,these days when I use a condom, I take around 20 to 25 mins to gf is complaining and has threatened to leave me…am so confused..I masturbate. can it be the problem…wat can I do

    1. Hi Ptoh, condoms are known to
      Hi Ptoh, condoms are known to desensitize the penis and therefore make one last longer than usual. If you are using it as a method of contraceptive you might want to talk to her and find an alternative method. Also spicing up your sex life and trying new things might help in exciting both of you and therefore removing monotony in sex and making it more enjoyable.

  8. Its like i thrice per month
    Its like i thrice per month drim having sex ad in th process i ejaculate!,any problem?

  9. Yeah, quality is my deal any…
    Yeah, quality is my deal any day!

    1. Hey Halima, thank you for…

      Hey Halima, thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Ruth, we are glad the…

      Hi Ruth, we are glad the site has been of help.

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