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Things you should do after sex

When is the last time you had a steamy sex session? Someone just said a few minutes ago...Hahaha. What did you do after?

Sex can mean different things to different people. In summary, a sexual act can involve many things besides penetration. It involves everything and anything that is sexual in nature. It could be kissing, masturbation, anal intercourse, oral sex, just to mention but a few.

You can share with us some more examples of sexual acts.

 So, what do you do after sex? Do you cuddle up or you just turned around and fall asleep right away?

Some of you, especially men, doze off shortly after an intimate session. On the other end, women have a tendency of embracing pillow talks while cuddling up to each other.

Most of us shift all our attention to the best way to have and get pleasure from sex but not on what to do thereafter. However, what you do after is extremely important to your health and we're not just talking about cuddling or sleeping.

So how should you go about spending your first few minutes post-coitus? Well, keep reading, I have the answers:

Wash up

Going to the bathroom after sex is paramount to your reproductive health.

I don’t entirely mean you rushing to the shower immediately. You can tenderly clean yourself around your genitals with cold water or wipe with a wet towel. It is important to note that washing up after sex can protect you and your partner from infections such as Urinary Tract (UTI).

Washing up after sex is not a woman’s business only. I highly encourage men to normalize cleaning up as well.  If you are a man with foreskin, you should gently pull it back and wash it underneath.

For women: Do not douche! I repeat! DO NOT DOUCHE! – or clean the inside of your vagina.

And while we are on the topic of cleaning, don’t forget to clean your sex toys too!


Peeing after sex may help to flush out bacteria out of the urethra. As a result, taking a few minutes to empty your bladder will play a major role in reducing the chances of an infection.  One of the most common infections one can get is the Urinary Tract (UTI).

If you're a woman, when you wipe, do it from front to back to stop the spread of bacteria.

If you are to pee, you have to make water your friend.

Some of you may find it challenging to pee after sex because you are dehydrated. The solution lies within your relationship with water. Drink as much water as you can.

Think about getting tested

Safe sex is the sweetest sex. However, if you did not protect yourself especially when making out with a new partner, it is advisable to start thinking about getting tested for Sexually Transmitted infections (STIs).

This is not a decision that you can make immediately and it could be due to a flutter of anxiety but you should start making plans around it. Visit a health care provider and you will be guided accordingly. Avoid procrastinating on your reproductive health.

What do you do after sex? Talk to us in the comments section. 

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