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The dangers of over-masturbation for women

A 23-year old female sex worker wonders about the risks of excessive masturbation on her health.

My clients sometimes let me masturbate a number of times until I have pain and can’t take it or orgasm anymore. This happens on an almost daily basis. Do you know what the health risks are?

Personally, I don’t think your occupation, no matter how much money you make, is healthy or sustainable, leave alone safe.

I assume, like most women, you would want to someday hook-up, settle down, and grow old with someone. If that is the case then some of the physical, emotional, and physiological effects will be carried over to that relationship.

I am not in any way suggesting that you won’t be able to settle down and have a happy healthy sexual life, but unlike most, you will bring quite a bit of baggage with you. This will affect you and your future mate. You might have to spend quite a bit of time trying to work on many things in your future relationships. Given how much work, time, and emotions people invest in relationships, it will be an uphill task.

Obviously, if you are asking this question, then you have a feeling that the activities your clients make you do are a concern to you.

Pain and Mombasa Raha activities shouldn’t be on the same page. Sex, even paid sex, should be consensual and safe. The fact that pain is involved is in itself a warning from your body that whatever you doing is excessive or wrong.

Excessive masturbation, for both men and women, has serious consequences despite what most sexperts advise. It’s like the doctor saying a glass of wine is good for health, but then how many people stick to the one glass of wine? How many start off with one glass and end up finishing the bottle?

Over-masturbation can lead to urinary incontinence. Having sex with multiple partners can cause urinary tract infections (UTI).

The number of times you masturbate can also lead to yeast infections because of the change in the bacterial balance in the vagina. Women can become more prone to contracting vaginal infections if they have too much sex at a time.

Excessive masturbation can be uncomfortable because of the lack of lubrication. Women’s bodies don’t stay lubricated 24/7. If there is soreness or numbness, it’s a sign your body is giving you to stop. Excessive friction may burst tiny blood vessels under the skin. Over time, this vaginal abrasion can lead to tissue damage, which can in turn cause scars.

You risk getting scar tissue or rough tissue around your genitals and clitoris which can lead to painful swelling and complications. The vagina needs plenty of lubrication to work the way it was meant to. If you are masturbating without the benefit of lubricants, you are on the way to causing serious damage to yourself.

Please stay safe and look after your health.

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  1. Men are all there,try one ,nt
    Men are all there,try one ,nt all are the same.

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      Thanks for your input Jared.

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    That knowledge is good and couples should take it serious

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      We are glad you like it.

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    thanks very much! Lets take the advice*

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  5. This is good for many that…
    This is good for many that really want to stop this evil habit. It is most in teenagehood and this lesson should be thought is school to help girls know that masturbation is not albout the pleasure

  6. Hi Purity, you are most…

    Hi Purity, you are most welcome and we are so glad that we are able to help you make informed decisions with the information we have. Please feel free to go through the rest of our site for more information and do not hesitate to reach out to us in case you have questions regarding, love, sex, and relationships. Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

  7. This article bothered me a…
    This article bothered me a bit because there was more opinion than fact. It also started with judgement before you attempted to even answer the question.

    1. Hi Mealz, 

      Thank you for…

      Hi Mealz, 

      Thank you for your input. Some of our articles are opinion pieces thus they are based on the opinion of our trusted contributors. The contributor has made a great effort at balancing facts and opinions. It is alright if you do not feel the same way. Also, could you explain why you think the article was judgemental? I will be happy to have this discussion with you. 

  8. It is a fact that masturbation done safely is safe (ensuring hygiene, nothing sharp, be gentle) and its fun and good for you but we must listen to our bodies. If things get uncomfortable then that is our bodies telling us to take a break. In the past I have rubbed too much and too many times in a day and got myself uncomfortable so I gave it a day or two before playing again and all was good again.

    For those of us that like to play a lot, as long as it does not interfere with the important things in life, that is fine but some things to reduce injury risks include: keeping your self, your hands and any toys properly clean; do not use things or your hands around your anus then in your vaginal or around your vulva as that can lead to UTIs or infections in the vagina; dont use food as that can introduce chemicals and bacteria and sugars into the vagina and stimulate an infection such as thrush; use lube. It makes things feel nicer anyway and as it stops friction injuries it prolongs playtime.

    1. Thank you for your contribution Camille.

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