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Is it okay for girls to masturbate?

I’ve heard from many people that girls who masturbate are dirty. But I like pleasuring myself, it makes me feel good. What should I do?

What a conundrum!

The world has hardly been able to get its head around men satisfying themselves sexually. Do you think it is going to give space to women? You see, the best way to make something taboo is to put a social, moral, and religious castigation around it. That will then guide your every thought into making you feel bad about yourself, one way or the other.

The truth is that handjobs, though widely and hugely debated, is a non-threatening and private activity. It causes no harm to anyone including the person doing it. So why the fuss? Because we are women. We aren’t supposed to know about our bodies. 

If you explore your body or know what you want sexually, you are branded with several names.

If you know too much, you are a wh$%£; if you don’t know much, you are a bore. What is a girl supposed to do? What a conundrum!

Uncertain territory

You, and many other girls like you, may consider masturbating or feel like doing something sexual. However, you still may not be so convinced because of the innumerable bad and filthy messages. Do you think that the whole world is going to look at you with eyebrows raised? It is not going to help you put your foot on your sexeccelator, is it now?

Now here is my question. What’s the prescription? Should you wait, hope and pray you get a sexy and hot lover or husband? Will he understand your every need when you haven’t understood it yourself?

Listen to your body talk

What do we prefer to be? Women who are clueless about their own bodies? Women who don’t express their feelings and desires or have sex without right knowledge or active participation? In many cases, these women quietly accept whatever is dealt to them by another friendly or perhaps unfriendly body.

Do you want to be a woman who knows what works for her? A woman who can be an active and alert participant in the act of sex with someone? Or equally active without someone?

This is not just about your sexual happiness, it is about knowing yourself as a woman.

The real ‘bad habits’

Why are this world’s moral police waging a war against masturbation? I have never seen a question on people digging their nose, burping in public or even expelling other sorts of volatile substances. Hahahaha!

So quit the guilt trip, this one is not worth it at all!

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  1. All ladies kyekimu no way to
    All ladies kyekimu no way to maintain dem

    1. Hi Julio, what do you mean by
      Hi Julio, what do you mean by Kyekimu?

        1. Thank you for the…

          Thank you for the clarification. 

  2. This is samthing wanting
    This is samthing wanting

    1. Thanks for sharing your
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Bountany.

  3. Hi, i like masterbating coz
    Hi, i like masterbating coz it makes me feel sweet n satisfied, but i heard a certain doctor saying it kills the nerves and makes the penis shirt resulting in poor sex life in marriage, is it true? pliiz advice.

    1. yes it results to poor sex…
      yes it results to poor sex life..

        1. bt its a spirit nd…
          bt its a spirit nd delivarance should b done

          1. Shamil, just a behaviour…

            Shamil, just a behaviour that one picked up can unlearn if they choose to. 

    2. Yeah If done rough… Was a…
      Yeah If done rough… Was a victim

      1. Hi Kim, we appreciate your…

        Hi Kim, we appreciate your contribution. 

  4. Does masturbation of women
    Does masturbation of women make u you to have a loose vagina

    1. What do u mean have a loose…
      What do u mean have a loose vagina

  5. I dor know how i can stop…
    I dor know how i can stop…

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