Getting head -- you get what you ask for

Getting head – you get what you ask for

Want him to go down on you in bed? Or maybe you’d rather he didn’t go there. If you don’t say so, chances are he’ll never know.

Whether it’s just a hook-up or a serious relationship, when it comes to getting head women are comfortable with different things, a US study on female college students’ oral sex preferences found.

Seventy-five percent of women like getting head regardless of the type of relationship, the study of 43 students in their early twenties found. For them, getting head is one of the best ways to reach orgasm and is associated with sexual pleasure.

‘It’s usually the only way I can orgasm,’ student Jackie told the researchers. ‘About 60 percent of the time I have an orgasm, it’s from oral sex,’ said Marjorie. And Annie said she had an orgasm ‘every time with oral sex’.


But for other women, oral sex is anything but appealing. They used words like ‘weird’, ‘bizarre’, ‘dirty’ and ‘nasty’ when they talked about the idea of a guy going down on them.

These women are often self-conscious about their bodies, say the researchers. The up-close nature of receiving oral sex makes them uncomfortable – though they often find it hard to express exactly what they don’t like about it.

‘The whole thing is kind of, I don’t know, weird to me a little bit,’ said Lenora. ‘I don’t know why but… just their face being down there.’


Getting head is one of the most intimate and emotional parts of sex, whether a woman feels positively about it or not. Most need to know and trust a guy in order enjoy it when he goes down on her.

Two-thirds of women who give a guy a blow job want him to return the favour, regardless of how serious the relationship is, the study found.

But whether a woman has to ask a guy to go down on her or not depends on if they’ve just got together or are in a relationship. Oral sex is not always expected in a hook-up, so women who want to get head usually have to say so.

On the other hand, oral sex is usually taken for granted in serious relationships. Women who are uncomfortable with the idea have to make it clear they don’t want their partners to go down on them, the researchers say.


Enthusiastic guys keen on giving head can put women who are self-conscious about their bodies and genitals at ease. Women previously uncomfortable with the idea can grow to enjoy oral sex thanks to partners that are eager to please.

Comfort with different aspects of the body such as weight, hair, sweat and genitals goes a long way towards a woman’s being able to enjoy sex and something as an intimate as getting head, according to the researchers and other experts in the field.

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  1. love going down on a woman.
    love going down on a woman. The different tastes & her moaning as my tongue doing the work!! Love it 😉

    1. Thanks for sharing, Kevin! We
      Thanks for sharing, Kevin! We are sure the ladies appreciate it!

  2. Its among the amazing feeling
    Its among the amazing feeling , well my wife and i totally eat each other out . She starts at my scrotum , works her way up and i just giglle momentarily looking as she does her thing. I start with licking her thighs , abdomen for sometime then i move on her, this is where she moans , guys her clitoris is the part to entice …move your tounge round and round and your tongue might tire though

    1. Lover, your wife is a lucky
      Lover, your wife is a lucky woman! And you are a lucky man!

  3. its the most sweetest part of
    its the most sweetest part of making love with the one u love:

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Hi Sarah,
      we are glad to hear you like it!

  4. Why is that most guys easily
    Why is that most guys easily get tired without reaching orgasm and they still wanna have sex put the penis won’t stand?

    1. Hi Whyte,

      Hi Whyte,
      sex is just like exercise- you need stamina, and the slower and easier you go, the longer you will be able to go without being tired. So take your time, and change positions, so that both you and your partner have to do the ‘work’ at some point.
      Does this answer your question?

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