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Anal sex: myths busted

Do only gay men do it? Does it guarantee AIDS? Is it always painful? Is it dirty? And do women hate it? Let’s bust some myths about anal sex.

  1. It’s gay

    If you think only gay men have anal sex, you’re wrong. Lots of straight men around the world enjoy anal sex. And that doesn’t make them gay. In fact, a recent US study found that 44 per cent of straight men under 50 have had anal sex at least once. So gay or straight, you could enjoy anal sex.

    [What’s more, a US study found that only just over third of gay men surveyed said they had anal sex last time they made love – ed.]

  2. It’s unnatural

    Anal sex isn’t unnatural or perverted either. It has been around for centuries and been viewed as an acceptable form of sexual intercourse. Don’t trust me? Take a trip to the famous Khajurao temples and see for yourself – all those beautiful sculptures doing it!

  3. It’s dirty

    A lot of us think that the anus is dirty and disgusting. Not our fault. We’ve been raised that way. Since we were kids, we’ve been told how to rid ourselves of all germs when we get anywhere remotely close to the poo-poo hole, right? But if you’re keeping yourself clean by general standards of cleanliness, there’s no need to worry.

  4. It’s painful

    If you’re relaxed, use protection and a lubricant, anal sex won’t be painful. In fact, if you find anal sex painful, it’s only because you’re tense. So the key is to relax the muscles around your rectum to receive the penis.

  5. Women don’t like it

    If you’re worried that your girlfriend or wife would not like the idea of anal sex, stop assuming! Just make a proposal and see what she says. Returning to the American survey I mentioned earlier – 36 per cent of straight American women have had anal sex at least once. (Mind you, some porn might give you the impression that all women are raring for a bottom-blistering thrusting session – equally a myth.)

  6. It’s harmful

    I’ve heard some weird myths about anal sex and anatomy. That it makes your ass grow in size, for example! Well, that’s obviously rubbish.

    But you do need to take enough precautions while having anal sex. Be sure to use condoms and a lubricant. Too much skin-on-skin friction can give you fissures. And just like oral and vaginal sex, anal sex exposes you to the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. So, be careful.


    Have you heard a rumour about sex and wonder if it’s true? Let us know and we’ll nail the facts or bust the myths! Leave your comment below or contact us on Facebook.

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  1. Itz all rubbish , how can it
    Itz all rubbish , how can it b accepted by most ethic n religion. Itz evil , dirty n enbrancin

    1. Thank you for sharing your
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jimmy.

    1. That’s okay, Peter! But some
      That’s okay, Peter! But some people like it, so it’s important to make sure they know the facts.

    1. Hi Ken,

      Hi Ken,
      it’s alright if it’s not for you, but some people enjoy it, and that’s okay.

  2. anal sex is perversion God
    anal sex is perversion God made vagina and penis for sex not anus

  3. For men u will have massive…
    For men u will have massive ejaculation and libido will increase

    1. Thank you for sharing Alex.
      Thank you for sharing Alex.

  4. I quite enjoy it and it’s no…
    I quite enjoy it and it’s no big deal for me. Normally there’s no problem with it being dirty and if there are any concerns, then a quick rinse out with water cleans the tunnel. I can’t understand the issues people have with it, it’s just another possibility of sexual interaction which some people enjoy and some don’t.

    1. Hey James, thank you for…

      Hey James, thank you for sharing your experience. 

  5. I have heard than anl sex…
    I have heard than anl sex can cause fistula in women, please confirm?

  6. i love it but dont know how to express my feeling about it girls might think am veil

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