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Piercings: pleasure or pain?

Piercings are hot, and yes, they do contribute to a healthy, visually pleasurable sex life.

There are lot of ways to make your sex life more interesting, and body modification is one of them. Nowadays, though, body modification isn’t just about sex, or being sexy – it’s about self-expression as well.

Body modification is simply changing your body, or a part of it, for various reasons, like religion, culture, or beauty. It can also be sexual, and enhance sexual experience, whether erotically, mentally, or physically, in the form of tattoos, piercings and sometimes, cosmetic surgery.

The practice of body modification has become so mainstream that getting tattoos and piercings is a trend that crosses social borders. It isn’t like the old times when it was believed that one wouldn’t be able to land a job. Body art is decorative, as well as a way to express the person’s identity.

There are different ways a person can modify their bodies for sexual enhancement. Tattoos, for example, have a certain connection with sexual arousal. They are visual tools. An image of a tattooed person can be sexually appealing, and an individual may derive sexual pleasure and arousal from a partner who is marked in some way.

Piercings are also seen as sexually captivating. They can sometimes be categorized as a sexual fetish. This is popular in some BDSM culture, where piercing is done for decorative purposes, sexual stimulation and/or fetish fulfilment known as stigmatophilia – in which sexual arousal and satisfaction depends on the presence of objects or situations that are not considered standard, such as a partner being pierced in the genital or nipple region. These are often piercing like studs, bars or rings. 

Most people know several adults who have piercings. And people often ask if getting piercings is painful, or if genital piercings prevent sexual activity. If you ask seven different people about pain, you would likely get seven different answers. This is because your experience will depend on the type of piercing you’re getting. Genital piercings don’t prevent sexual activity; the whole idea for most people is to enhance sex.

A number of these piercing include:

Tongue piercing

People sometimes get their tongues pierced for extra fun. The tongue ring can be used to provide higher amounts of pleasure, pressure, teasing, and new sensations when performing oral sex on your partner.

Nipple piercing

For those whose nipples aren’t particularly sensitive, having them pierced can improve sensitivity and adds to some people’s arousal when licked, sucked, massaged, or flicked. Research claims that nipple play alone can end in an intense orgasm. Nipples can be pierced in a number of ways, but the most common fashion is horizontally. Side note, not everyone can get their nipples pierced! Some people’s anatomy is just not suitable.

Clitoris/Clitoral hood piercing

 The clitoris hood piercing is a for female genitalia, piercing through the clitoral hood. There are several types of piercings for the vulva (the outer part of female genitalia), depending on where you want the piercing (on the clitoris? On the hood? On your labia?) and one should do a significant amount of research before getting this piercing. It is also dependent on the size of your vulva – some piercings can be too large or weighty for the place you want pierced. A clit piercing can add stimulation during personal or partner play, according to the position chosen. Two types of hood piercings are as follows: 

  • The vertical clitoral hood piercing, because of the quick healing time and its natural conformity to the wearer, i.e. it follows the shape and direction of the labia, and
  • The horizontal clitoral hood piercing, through the hood above the clitoris, horizontally. This piercing is usually done with a ring. Ideally, the bead from the ring will rest against the clitoris, providing stimulation for the wearer.

Tattoos and piercings are great tools for enhancing sexual pleasure. If you do decide to get either a tattoo or piercing, make sure to do your research, get additional information, and always go to a professional, as well as committing to keeping your piercing and tattoo clean and taken care of to avoid any problems or possible infections.


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