Oral sex: myths busted

Oral sex: myths busted

People are shy to talk about oral sex. That’s perhaps why there are myths around it. Is it safe? Does it get you pregnant? Can it give you an orgasm? This and much more in this week’s edition of Sex Myth Buster.

  1. Oral sex is safe sex

    People believe that oral sex can’t give you any STDs. But that’s not true. Unprotected oral sex exposes you to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases like herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, HPV and even HIV. Using a condom or a dental dam can protect you from these diseases and let you enjoy oral sex.

  2. Oral sex can cause pregnancy

    A woman can only get pregnant when the man’s sperm comes in contact with the egg in her fallopian tube. So oral sex can’t get you pregnant, not even when the woman swallows the man’s semen.

  3. Swallowing semen is always harmful

    Swallowing semen doesn’t cause any damage if it doesn’t come from a person who is infected by a sexually transmitted disease. Semen mostly contains some sugars and proteins, contents that don’t cause harm by themselves. But if you don’t feel like swallowing semen during oral sex, you don’t have to – just tell your partner you’re not happy to do it.

  4. Oral sex can’t give you an orgasm

    You don’t only reach an orgasm from vaginal or anal sex. Oral sex can also give you an orgasm. In fact studies have found that a lot of women find it easier to orgasm with oral sex than vaginal sex.

  5. Oral sex is always unhygienic

    If you and your partner live up to basic standards of cleanliness, oral sex won’t be unhygienic. But in case you find yourself or your partner sweaty and sticky from the day’s work, jump into the shower together and gently wash each other before you engage in some oral pleasure!

    In some cultures, couples are more open to having oral sex than others. Some cultures even view oral sex as taboo, unnatural and sinful. Although your ideas about oral sex may depend on your cultural background, in this myth buster series, all we’re trying to do is provide scientific facts.


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  1. oral sex causes cancer,is it
    oral sex causes cancer,is it a myth/a fact

    1. Hi Tito,

      Hi Tito,
      well, somewhere in between, to be honest. HPV is a very common virus that can cause warts, and cervical cancer, and in some cases also cancer. Michael Douglas claimed that he got cancer from oral sex: http://lovematters.co.ke/news/female-desire-and-michael-douglass-throat
      But the risks are pretty low, and chances that the cancer is caused by something else is more likely. However, if you want to make sure you are safe, use a dental dam. You can make one yourself, by cutting the tip off a condom and then cutting it once along the side to make a flat sheath that you then put over the vagina before giving oral sex.

  2. as i my self,i enjoy oral sex
    as i my self,i enjoy oral sex with my pertner.most of them are those in the street,lets call them prostitute.

    1. Hi Keleti,

      Hi Keleti,
      who you get your oral sex from is between you and your partner! Please stay safe though, by always using condoms, and, if you are performing it, a dental dam over the vagina (make one by cutting the tip off the penis, and then cutting it along one side to make a sheath).

  3. According to me i prefer oral
    According to me i prefer oral sex than the use of condoms.That condom has some liquids in it,sincerely is it 100% sure?.

    1. Hi Titus,

      Hi Titus,
      while the risk of getting an STD from oral sex is pretty low, oral sex is much safer if you use a condom or a dental dam.
      And no condom can ever be 100% safe, unfortunately. On average, with perfect use, they are about 97% safe. With normal use, 86%. And even if you see sperm in it, there is a chance that there are some tiny holes. Please always make sure that you don’t keep condoms near sharp object, away from sunlight, and don’t use them past their expiry date.

  4. I dont knw wat is oral sex
    I dont knw wat is oral sex,can u plis explain it in a simple way,dat i’ll b able to understand.

    1. Hi Mokgadi,

      Hi Mokgadi,
      oral sex (or a blow job, or going down on someone, or giving head), means using your mouth and tongue on your partners penis or vagina. Is that more clear? You can have a look here for more information on oral sex: http://lovematters.co.ke/resource/ways-make-love

  5. Can you help me please,my
    Can you help me please,my wife is too much wet(maji maji) i don’t know why

    1. Hi Robert,

      Hi Robert,
      congratulations! This is really good! It means your wife is really aroused and ready to have sex. Being really wet is a good thing, and you should not try to change that. Dry sex for women (and men) is painful and can leave you bleeding and with discomfort for days. So be very happy your wife is very wet- it really is a good thing.

  6. Am having problem with
    Am having problem with ejection during oral sex

    1. Hi Fancy,

      Hi Fancy,
      do you mean ejaculation?
      That can happen, that’s nothing to worry about. When you are close to coming, just ask your partner to stop, and finish you off using their hands.

  7. does it happen that some
    does it happen that some condoms are

    1. Hi Lucie,

      Hi Lucie,
      does what happen to condoms?

  8. Hi,i have aproblem with
    Hi,i have aproblem with giving oral sex to my patner,as in idont really like it but him,he likes doing it on me.i usually enjoy it so much and in most cases i even orgasm more than once.plz advice what ican do for him to also enjoy it?

    1. Hi Shish,

      Hi Shish,
      ah, that’s a bit tricky. It’s fair enough that you don’t like giving oral sex. But if you love getting it, it’s only fair that you give it back in return. It should be a give or take. But, is there any way you would mind it less? Is it the taste? Then do it with a flavored condom on, or just after a shower. Is the penis going in too deep? Use your hands on the shaft to control the depth. Or, talk to your partner and find out if there is anything other than oral that he likes? Have a chat with him and find out!

  9. last night i dd oral sex 2my
    last night i dd oral sex 2my girl friend but today my gums r in pain nd big,,,whats wrong with them ?

    1. Hi Putjuza,

      Hi Putjuza,
      hmmm, we are not sure. How is it today? If it’s not better soon, please go see a doctor.

  10. my wife loves oral sex but i
    my wife loves oral sex but i dn like it at all expt kissng n suckin ha nipple…..wat kan i do…

    1. Hi Kipric,

      Hi Kipric,
      first of all, does she give you blowjobs? If she does, then it’s only fair to return the favor from your end.
      And is there anything that could make you like it more? Like doing it after a shower?
      If not, then you need to talk to her. Tell her that you don’t like it, and ask if there is anything else you can do instead.

  11. If her vagina odours what
    If her vagina odours what shall do

    1. Hi John,

      Hi John,
      everybody has a certain smell around their genitals, which is normal and nothing to be concerned about. Especially on warm days, or when you are moving a lot, and sweating, the smell will get more intense. However, if the smell is overly fishy or sweet, it could be a sign of infection. Check out this article on genital hygiene as well: http://lovematters.co.ke/news/genital-hygiene-dos-and-donts

  12. How are they wearing the
    How are they wearing the condom on oral sex

    1. Doris,

      women should wear it over their penis, just like with normal sex. Women should get oral sex through a dental dam- but because they are difficult to get, you have just cut a condom in half and put it over the areas that are getting attention.

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