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Online sex: do’s and don’ts

Much of life happens on the internet these days: work, friendships, entertainment… and sex too. Apart from watching other people do it, you can also have sex online yourself. We run through the thrills and risks of online sex.


  • Have online sex to spice up a long-distance relationship

    If you and your partner live apart and you don’t get to see each other often, a little cyber action can go a long way!

  • Get into the thrills of online sex

    Obviously, you don’t have to be in a relationship to have online sex. You can take things further with an internet flirt, and some people also find it exciting to do it with strangers, whether it’s taking off clothes or exchanging fantasies. But…

  • Be careful when sending pictures taking your clothes off! 

    Be aware you can never know whether someone is recording the images from your webcam or not. And you can never be sure what will happen to the recording – you could easily find a photo or video of you has been uploaded to a porn site. So it’s best to make sure your face is never visible. Then you will not be recognisable if the picture or video does end up on the internet.

    This really happens much more often than you might think: about 88 per cent of self-generated, sexually explicit online images and videos of young people end up on so-called parasite sites, a study has found. And then these pictures or videos of you can end up floating around on the internet for years, being viewed by thousands of people.

  • Have fun online!

    If you take the risks and rules to heart, cybersex can be a lot of fun on its own account – not just as a substitution for the real thing, but also as a new and exciting experience.

  • Do it if you’re not sure it’s legal or safe where you are

    In some countries, like the UAE, for example, sex is taboo and the internet is strictly monitored by the government. Sometimes even sex chats are illegal and there are penalties for it, like deportation.

  • Go along with things if you don’t want to

    Don’t just try to please the other person, whether it’s your boy- or girlfriend or someone you don’t know. Set your limits, just like when you’re flirting online. 

  • Have online sex if you don’t trust the other

    There are a lot of people out there that are not who they claim they are, like fakers, players or even pimps. Fakers are people who use fake photos to pretend they’re someone they’re not. Players are people who pretend they’re really interested in you as a person but really they just want you to get your clothes off. And pimps trawl the internet trying to snare girls into a relationships so they can push them into prostitution.

  • Get naked online when someone could walk in on you

    Imagine… you’re getting stripped and steamy on Skype when suddenly behind your partner you see the door open and your partners mum walks in! Seriously, being walked in on is no less awkward if you are at the other end of a computer screen. So make sure he or she is alone before you get down to business.

    And ‘surprises’, like skyping them when you’re naked, are generally a bad idea, too… remember you can never know where they are or who they’re with when you call! 


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  1. i dont like the idear.does
    i dont like the idear.does not sound good for a christian

    1. Whether you can do this with
      Whether you can do this with your faith is up to you to decide!

  2. Ilike That Bse Am Tired Of
    Ilike That Bse Am Tired Of Wasting My Moni Visitin Agirl And She Tells You Nosense

    1. Have you talked to her?
      Have you talked to her?

  3. I need responsible girl who I
    I need responsible girl who I can flow that we understand me.

    1. Osaze,

      sorry, we can’t help you with finding a partner.

  4. Am not seeing any sex here. I
    Am not seeing any sex here. I don’t understand how this can work n be gratifying.

    1. Ben sex is more psychological
      Ben sex is more psychological than it is physical. If you want to be gratified you will be gratified.

  5. On line sex serves millions
    On line sex serves millions of Kenyans already, either through Skye, regular flirting and sexting, or sharing nasty pics. Most dating today starts with on-line sex before the physical contact since the primary method of communication is through Internet facilitated mobile communication. So in simple terms we are all online sex lovers without question. That is the generation today and love matters should have thier own online sex portal and dating by now!!

    1. Thanks for sharing your
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ball.

  6. is it not effective to
    is it not effective to reproductive heath

    1. What do you mean Doreen?
      What do you mean Doreen?

    1. H Sexboy, 

      What about sex?

      H Sexboy, 

      What about sex?

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