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I’ll just insert the tip

By Love Matters March 12, 10:54 am
‘I’ll just put the tip, it won’t hurt, if it hurts I’ll pull out, I promise…’

If you’re a man, it’s likely that you’ve used the ‘just the tip’ trick at some point. If you have never, we need to meet behind the blue tent.

Many women admit to hearing this line at some point in their lives. A good number have fallen for it.

Just the tip is, often, a sneaky way of enticing you into sex if you've said you are not ready. This trick has a high success rate.

It is a great way to tease and increase your desire for sex. Your juices may start flowing and this leaves you to want more. More may mean full penetration.

This is especially true for first time sex. If you’re a virgin and afraid of not ready to have sex, you may have heard this line or you will hear it soon.

He may say, ‘Just the tip, please…please, I promise to pull out if it hurts.’

Let’s be honest; this promise is hard to keep.

The idea of sex and pleasure with just the tip sounds quite exciting especially if you are scared of or not ready for penetrative sex.

On one hand, it a great way of experimenting, on the other, it requires a lot of discipline and self-control just like the withdrawal method.

If you are not ready for sex at all, do not fall for this trick. Chances are that you will end up giving in to sex. Once you allow the tip or head inside of you, it is likely that he will slowly go deeper. Even if he does not go deeper the first time, he will definitely aim for deeper penetration next time.

Can I get pregnant?

Eve if you just let the tip in, there a chance you’ll get pregnant. Pre-cum, the fluid that gathers during sexual excitement for a male, contains some sperm in it, and therefore, if he places the tip of his penis inside you, you may get pregnant.

What happens if the person can't stop at just the tip? That'll complicate matters even further. He may promise to withdraw but we all know that this method has a high failure rate.

Can I get an STD?

Yes. If the male has an STD the secretions (fluids) from the penis and genital skin can carry STDs.


You can get an STD anytime there is genital contact without a condom, dental dam, or other barrier. So even if a penis does not go all the way inside the vagina or anus you can still get infected.

Many people don't get symptoms right away, or at all. So, you may not tell whether someone has an STD by just looking at them.

To get tested for STDs, visit your nearest Marie Stopes Clinic. Find the nearest clinic by clicking here. You can also visit the nearest government hospital near you.

As a parting shot, do not accept the ‘just the tip’ offer if you are not ready for sex. It may be quite tempting and hard to resist but you need to be sure that you’re ready mentally and that you are doing it with a person who loves and respects you.  

Men, have you used the ‘just the tip’ trick? Women, has a man every used this line on you? Talk to us in the comments section.

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