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My penis is getting smaller!

What causes the penis to get smaller or shrink?

Most men are very sensitive about their gospel-pipe. This may be because it is widely believed that a bigger penis is always better. This is not always true. We have already proved that a bigger penis does not always mean that the sex will be good. Other factors such as foreplay and affection matter too.

Penises come in different sizes and shapes. Most men have penises of between 6 and 13 centimeters when soft (not erect). The penis increases in size until about 19-21 years of age, after this age, the actual size changes only slightly or remains the same.

But, not everyone is that lucky:

What if the penis begins to shrink (get smaller)? This is a nightmare! Why would this happen?

  1. Weight gain

    If you gain a lot of weight, your penis may start to look smaller. Note that this does not mean that it actually becomes smaller, it just looks smaller. What really happens is that when the belly expands, it pulls the penis inwards. If you lose weight, the penis will get back to its normal shape and size.

    In very obese men, fat can cover most of the penis thus making it hard for a man to see his own penis.

  2. Ageing

    Other body parts may age like fine wine but your penis may not.

    As you grow older, you may notice that your penis and testicles become smaller. This happens because as you age, there is reduction in blood flow to the penis. This is, in turn, caused by an increase of fatty deposits in the arteries.

    Also, constant small injuries from sex and sports may lead to accumulation of scar tissue in the penis. These scar tissue affect your penis’ erectile tissues leading to shrinkage and affecting erection size.

    To maintain erectile function with age, remain physically active, eat a balanced diet, quit smoking, and avoid drinking alcohol excessively.

  3. Peyronie’s disease

    Every heard of curved and painful erections?

    Peyronie can reduce the length and circumference of your penis. This s because this disease makes the penis to be bent when erect, instead of straight. Men can still have sex but it tends to be painful. This condition can be corrected through surgery.

  4. Smoking

    Those smoking packets with scary images should start including pictures of smaller penises as a warning to smokers. Maybe this will encourage them to stop smoking.

    Smoking is bad for your overall health but I bet you did not know it also affects your penis. 

    The chemicals in cigarettes can affect blood flow to the penis. This is because these chemicals can injure or narrow the blood vessels in the penis thus preventing it (penis) from being filled with blood and stretching.

    Smoking has also been associated with erectile dysfunction.

    Stop smoking, save your penis!

  5. Prostrate surgery

    Most men who have had a cancerous prostrate removed experience a small to moderate decrease in their penis. Some men who undergo this procedure may not experience any shortening at all.

  6. Medication

    Some medications such as some antidepressants and certain drugs for enlarged prostate have been found to cause penis shrinkage

Now you know.


A slight to moderate reduction on your penis size should not prevent you from having enjoyable sexual experiences. If it is due to other medical conditions such as Peyronie’s disease, visit a doctor for treatment.

Have you noticed any changes to your penis? Share your experience and ask questions in the comments section.  

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  1. Ya av ever noticed it but…
    Ya av ever noticed it but.. ithink av spent ryme wit out playing sex

    1. Hello Walu, thank you for…

      Hello Walu, thank you for your input. Not having sex is not listed among the things that cause a decrease in penis size.

  2. Dealing with pre mature…
    Dealing with pre mature ejaculation…please help?

    1. This is a very good question…

      This is a very good question and a very common one as well. So, do not worry, you are not alone. There are some remedies that could help you last a little longer. However, if you have premature ejaculation, you should go see  doctor.
      One option is the stop-start method used to treat premature ejaculation but can also help a person last longer. This technique calls for the man to have sex or masturbate until you almost cum and then stop. When you’re about to climax, stop and squeeze right below the head of your penis. Apply firm pressure on the tube running underneath your penis. This will push blood out of the penis and momentarily decreases sexual tension, calming your ejaculatory response.This should be repeated many times.
      Another remedy is to engage in sex styles that do not stimulate the underside of the penis like spooning and reverse cowgirl. You could also masturbate before having sex.

      1. But masturbating is a sin
        But masturbating is a sin

        1. Hi Fancy, 

          Love Matters is…

          Hi Fancy, 

          Love Matters is open, honest and sex-friendly. We strive to provide information to people with different beliefs and attitudes towards sexuality and sexual health matters. This means we target people from all religious and cultural beliefs thus we have a duty to ensure that their informational needs are met adequately. We encourage people to share their opinions whether they agree or disagree with something as long as it is done respectfully. Your input is appreciated. Thank you.  

  3. i have that problem my penis…
    i have that problem my penis is small i have 30years arm not enjoying sex.

    1. Hi Maina, thank you for…

      Hi Maina, thank you for reaching out to us. According to a study by the British Institute of Urology, the average size of an erect penis is about 5.5-6.2 inches (14-15.75cm), and the average girth is about 4.7-5.1 inches (12-13cm). At Love Matters we’re a bit more cautious – we just say an erect penis is usually somewhere between 2.7 and 6.7 inches (7-17cm). When it comes to condom sizes, ‘average’ counts as 4.7-5.9 inches (12-17cm). Do you fall within these numbers? You may feel like it is small but chances are that it is very much within the normal range.

      This article has some information that should be of help to you.

    1. Hi Cornelius, if you have…

      Hi Cornelius, if you have gone through the article then you know the possible reasons. If you are concerned then kindly see a medical professional for proper advice on the way forward.

    1. Hi Miriam, thank you for…

      Hi Miriam, thank you for your feedback

    2. Hi Miriam, thank you for…

      Hi Miriam, thank you for your feedback

  4. Hey…Miriam weldone you are…
    Hey…Miriam weldone you are the best

  5. I think it have peyronie’s…
    I think it have peyronie’s disease..numb and slightly curved penis. And also the shape has changed alot.

  6. Hello James, thank you for…

    Hello James, thank you for reaching out to us and we are so sorry you are going through a hard time. Are you absolutely sure that this is what you are going through?

    Peyronie’s disease is penis problem caused by scar tissue, called plaque, that forms inside the penis. It can result in a bent, rather than straight, erect penis. Most men with Peyronie’s disease can still have sex. But for some, it can be painful and cause erectile dysfunction. Are these some of the symptoms you are currently experiencing? Self diagnosis can be risky and this is why it is best to seek medical advice before self treatment. 

    In the meantime, if you are not experiencing any of the above symptoms but are worried about the shape of your penis, remember that penises come in all shapes and sizes. And they all look different: straight, curved, long, thick, thin, circumcised, uncircumcised. One is no better than the other. Click here to find out more:


    We hope this information helps! Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

  7. Very helpful information…
    Very helpful information. Please address the issue if mastabation. What are the efects? Does it mean you won’t be able to sire children as for men

  8. Always pleased to help,…

    Always pleased to help, Dennis. Feel free to go through more of our content on masturbation here:



    We hope this information helps you make more informed decisions and do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case you have any questions. Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

  9. I have a premature…
    I have a premature ejaculation. and during the ejaculation and dont feel much pleasure what could be the problem

  10. Hello Rivardo, thank you for…

    Hello Rivardo, thank you for getting in touch and we are sorry you are going through a hard time. Premature Ejaculation is caused by a number of reasons including fear, anxiety or even stress. The anxiety that one will not perform can make him ejaculate much earlier or stress from home or work. In other cases, particularly in young men it could be the result of sexual inexperience, and so as the young man gets older he also gains more experience in controlling ejaculation.

    There are a few things you can do to improve control and last longer. In the short term, you can take short breaks during intercourse, you can also apply firm pressure underneath the penis during intercourse to push blood out of the penis hence decreasing sexual tension, distract yourself to think about other non sexual things or use penis desensitizers. Penis desensitizers come in the form of sprays and creams that can be applied on the penis minutes before intercourse and they help to delay ejaculation. Sometimes a condom can help reduce the sensitivity on the penis. 

    In the long term, you can ensure they eat healthy and avoid lots of processed foods, begin to exercise which improves blood flow in the body, reduce or eliminate the use of alcohol including smoking and more importantly reduce stress during intercourse. Foreplay will also play a critical role in preparing your partner and getting them closer to an orgasm.

    The following articles provide more information;-


    Love Matters Team.

  11. Penis kind of getting…
    Penis kind of getting slender!

    1. Do you have any of the…

      Do you have any of the conditions mentioned in the article?

  12. Yeah, mine has been…
    Yeah, mine has been shrinking ,but I opted to go for penis enlargement oil,,,like titan to make my penis little bit bigger.

    1. Hi Starling, 

      There are a…

      Hi Starling, 

      There are a lot of supposed options to increase penis size including pills, creams, and exercises. The truth is almost none of it works. The only way to make a man’s penis look bigger is through surgery, but the results are not very significant meaning you don’t expect a very significant change. Read this article to learn more about penis enlargement: Does penis enlargement work?. Always remember that you can still have pleasurable sex regardless of the size. Here is an article on penis size and sex: Is my penis big enough?

  13. Hi love matters am not fat…
    Hi love matters am not fat im a slim body guy so the problem is i go 1 round and then i got soo tired.. what might be the problem?????

    1. Hi Joshua, sex is like…

      Hi Joshua, sex is like exercise and if you are not “fit” then you may get tired a little faster than an unfit person. Being slim does not mean being fit. To be fit, you need to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet.

  14. How can one stop…
    How can one stop masturbating? Being married for 8yrs but still that happens

    1. Hi Franco, 

      Masturbation is…

      Hi Franco, 

      Masturbation is totally normal and pleasurable part of sexuality. Masturbation becomes a problem if it is negatively affecting a person or impacting other areas of their life. If you wish to stop, you need to avoid things or situations that can encourage you to masturbate such as pornography. Instead get busy with other things such as work and be around people often. In case these don’t work, you can talk to a counsellor, therapist or seek any other professional help available. This article can help stop: I am addicted to porn and masturbation

  15. can I see any doctor or a…
    can I see any doctor or a specific doctor for Ed treatment?

    1. Hi Michael, for speciased…

      Hi Michael, to get specialised diagnosis, treatment, and care it is best to see a urologist since he/she specializes in conditions of the urinary tract, as well as sexual concerns in men. The general practitioner is likely to end up referring you to a urologist anyway. Sending you well wishes!

  16. Now that the penis can…
    Now that the penis can shrink….can it can be enlarged too?? With these gels?

    1. Hi Gong, 

      There are a lot…

      Hi Gong, 

      There are a lot of supposed options to increase penis size including pills, creams, and exercises. The truth is almost none of it works. The only way to make a man’s penis look bigger is through surgery, but the results are not very significant meaning you don’t expect a very significant change. Read this article to learn more about penis enlargement: Does penis enlargement work?. Always remember that you can still have pleasurable sex regardless of the size. Here is an article on penis size and sex: Is my penis big enough?

  17. How can I enlarge my penis
    How can I enlarge my penis

    1. Hi Mr BIM, 

      There are a lot…

      Hi Mr BIM, 

      There are a lot of supposed options to increase penis size including pills, creams, and exercises. The truth is almost none of it works. The only way to make a man’s penis look bigger is through surgery, but the results are not very significant meaning you don’t expect a very significant change. Read this article to learn more about penis enlargement: Does penis enlargement work? 

  18. My penis doesn’t get erect…
    My penis doesn’t get erect enough for the second shot ,when it gets erect immediately am about to insert it flats ..help

    1. Hi there, 

      I am sorry to…

      Hi there, 

      I am sorry to hear about what you’ve been going through. This seems to be an erectile problem and the best way to know the cause and best treatment option is to visit a doctor. He/she should be able to conduct tests and recommend the best treatment. In the meantime, read this article to learn more about signs of an erectile dysfunction: 4 signs you have erectile dysfunction

  19. why many men during first…
    why many men during first round quickly sperm…?
    and which kinda food makes soerm to increase?

    1. Hi Vincent, 

      It could be…

      Hi Vincent, 

      It could be because of overexcitement or inexperience. To increase the quality of your sperm, you can eat balanced diet, exercise, ensuring that the balls stay under cool conditions. Read this article to get more tips: 8 tips to keep your sperm healthy

  20. Thanks alot for teaching me especially on the sizes of penis
    My Question is that. I can not last for 10mins in the field but I can hit 3-5round per night depends on the time I have started it
    What can I do
    2 is Road run or gym work increase the time and the round when you are in the field? Thank for that doctor

    1. Eish, Toldo. You are well within the average time so you should not worry about increasing the time. Unless you ejaculate too soon, you have nothing to worry about.

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