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The miracle that is vagina

By Valentine Njoroge December 30, 10:53 am
Can the vagina get back to its size after having sex? What makes the vagina become large? Are there ways to keep it smaller?

Oh wow! It’s myth-busting time! The un-aroused vagina is between 2.5 and 3 inches long. Once aroused, it stretches to about 4 inches, and any additional stretching is in response to the size of the penis. This is why we can have great sex with men who have different sized penises. So the short answer: the vagina returns to size after sex.

Let’s flex

The vagina is a muscular tube surrounded by pubococcygeal (PC) muscles that start at the tip of your spine and stretch all the way to your pelvic bone. Strengthening these muscles is done through exercises that were formulated by a doctor named Arnold Kegel. They work to strengthen the walls of your vagina and give you better control of everything that involves your pelvis: from gyrating to urination to orgasm.

There’s one simple exercise you can begin with. The next time you are urinating, stop the flow of urine. The muscles you use to do this are the PC muscles and that’s what we want to strengthen. To exercise it, simply flex for about two seconds. You should feel a tightening going from your anus down to your vagina.

Your Kegel work-out should involve a minimum of two sets of 15 repetitions three times a week. After a few weeks, you can increase the number of repetitions and the frequency of your work-out.

And during sex, you can relax these muscles as the man pulls out and flex as he pushes in – you will then both experience more friction.

No to vagina tighteners

You must stay away from those so-called 'vagina tightening' soaps and lotions. They affect the vaginal lining, sometimes drying it out so that you get little cuts during sex and thus making you more prone to infections. Kegels are really the best way to firm and tighten your vagina.

As most fathers will attest, there are few things more wondrous than the vagina – how it expands for childbirth and then later shrinks back for pleasure. This is why all men who’ve visited keep applying for another visit.

Do you have questions about the vagina? Our discussion board moderators can tell you more about this miraculous organ. 

Did you learn something new?

Fri, 10/31/2014 - 07:39 pm
I am afraid.hv lived a virgin lady till the age of 22 years.hv never slept with a guy sinz birth n am afraid wen i had sex with mi boyfriend,as mi first time,i realized tht i was not a virgin.where could i hv lost mi virginity worried.
Jackie, if you have never slept with someone before, you were a virgin. Many people believe that women have to bleed, but that's a myth! Check out more myths here:
Mon, 11/03/2014 - 07:24 pm
I thought tht every bleeds.n could i hv lost it as i was undergoin mi military course bcz the course ix soo tough n many exercises r involved.?
Hi Jackie, you need to distinguish between the hymen and virginity. Being a virgin means you haven't had sex before. That all women bleed the first time is a huge myth! The hymen is a stretchy piece of skin at the entrance of the vagina, that is still intact in many people who haven't had intercourse. But it can rupture during other activities, such as, indeed, exercise, or using a tampon. Having a hymen or not is by no means an indication of someone being a virgin.
Can a virgin lady still engage in kegel exercise? Hope it wil nt deprived her baby frm enjoying the ride whenever they hv sex?
i ave a boyfred whodoes nt rily satisfy me. i ave tried to talk to him bt its in vain, i lov him but i also want to enjoy sex cz when he ejaculates am left stil wanting more what do i do
Hi Rose, We hear this a lot. Most women have trouble having an orgasm without the clitoris being stimulated- and most men don't know this. This has nothing to do with size, as the in-and out movement of sex alone won't get you enough clitoral stimulation. Check out this section to learn more about the clitoris, and have your man stimulate it during foreplay and intercourse:
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