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Using sex toys: do's and don'ts

By Harish P May 5, 06:00 am
Sex toys can be a welcome break from the monotony of a regular sex-life. Here’s our rundown of the things you should keep in mind when using toys.
Pay attention to the toy material

While rubber and PVC toys are the cheapest, they tend to be risky because their pores allow for bacteria to breed when not properly sterilised. Silicon and glass toys, being non-porous, tend to be safer. Glass toys are getting popular because they are easy to wash as well and can be readily heated or cooled for some extra effects.

Wash before use and re-use

Toys are fun but they may easily spread infections during sharing or re-use. This can be avoided by a few simple measures like washing the toy thoroughly before and after use with antibacterial soap and water, sterilising and using a condom on the toy, if possible.

Beware of the phthalates

Different kinds of sex toys come with different amounts of phthalates – softening materials (with rubbery smells). It has been found to be potentially carcinogenic and harmful to reproductive health. So, before buying your sex toy, make sure you check for the phthalate content on the packaging.

Choose the right lube

Toys are often used for penetration. Thus, it’s always advisable to have a lubricant handy to make the fun smoother. But choosing the right lube is as important as choosing the right sex toy. When using silicone toys, it’s best to stick to water-based lubes as silicone lubes can cause damage to silicone toys.

Go for a toy with a single vibrating range

Vibrators are fun sex toys. But it’s important to know just how much vibration your body enjoys. It’s best to go for vibrators with a broad range of vibration modes so that you can tone it up or down.

Share it with anyone

Sharing sex toys with others (even using it on the partner’s genitals after having used it on your own or vice versa) can be a gateway to acquiring an STI.

Mindless sharing can be especially risky during casual flings and one-night stands. So, remember, clean before you share and share not if you trust not!

Ignore the width

It’s important to be mindful of the width of your sex toy. Especially if it’s a butt-plug or a dildo that is going to be used for anal sex. Uncomfortably high widths may cause bleeding/other discomfort to the anus or to any other part for that matter. Discuss what you feel is a safe size, and test it out a bit.

Be afraid to think out-of-the-box

Not all sex toys are sold in special and secret shops. Some of them maybe lying around right in your very house. Be inventive! But not too inventive at the same time, not everything is a sex object and the human body is the biggest sex object you have already.

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