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Outdoor sex: do’s and don’ts

Whether you still live with your traditional parents or are looking for a new thrill: sex in the outdoors can be an exciting experience.

This article was originally published on 3 July 2015.

Some enjoy the fear of being caught, others like to feel the sun on their backs while getting it on in the great outdoors. Whatever the motives, there are a few rules you should keep in mind before stepping out.​​​​

  • … check the law

    There is a difference between having sex outside and having sex in public. As long as you have sex in the privacy of your backyard where nobody can see you, you don’t have to worry too much about the law. But, as soon as outdoor means public, you have to be very careful. In India, even public display of affection can be penalised. So check the laws on sex in public before ripping your clothes off. Because the last thing you want is your steamy make-out session to end with a few months behind bars.

  • … get comfortable

    Sex should be about fun and pleasure. But, let’s face it, if you aren’t having sex in bed, chances are it’s going to get uncomfortable at some point. You don’t want to break your back or limbs with over-enthusiastic acrobatic stunts involving dark alley walls.

    So plan ahead. Pack a blanket for a cosy session in the woods, or get cuddly on a park bench. If you decide a public washroom is the ideal place for you, please make sure that at least it’s clean. That makes any slips or accidents less hygienically problematic.

  • … make it safe

    In case your outdoor sex adventure involves making love in water, you need to plan ahead. You should put the condom on before getting in the water, so there no fluids can get inside the condom. Also, some extra lubrication is a good idea, as water can wash away lots of the vaginal wetness.

    Generally, lubrication can be a great tool with public sex, especially if you don’t want to spend too much time on foreplay.

    And as with all other intimacies, you need to use contraception to protect yourself from STDs and unplanned pregnancies. Keep a condom handy!

  • … ignore potential hazards

    Especially if you opt for parks, woods or any other green area, you need to make sure you don’t end up with bites or rashes. So make sure you aren’t disturbing any ants or other insects and that you aren’t cuddling near poisonous plants that could give you rashes.

    If you are having sex in a car, watch out for the steering wheel or the hand break – both can cause nasty bruises and injuries.

    In general, check the area first to see what could cause pain or injury. Better safe than sorry is a good approach when it comes to public and outdoor sex.

  • … expose yourself 

    Before you get naked, please make absolutely sure that you aren’t exposing yourselves to anybody. While the risk of exposure is part of the thrill, you don’t want to find out a group of picnicking tourists had full view of your actions.

    Also, plan ahead with what you wear. For the ladies, a long flowing skirt for example doesn’t need to be taken off but can hide what you were doing within seconds.

  • … go further than you really want to

    If you are excited about the idea of feeling the sun on your back while making love but you can’t get yourself to do it in public, get creative. Open the bedroom windows wide and do it as close to the window as possible. Or go camping and enjoy sex in a tent. Or by a fireplace inside. Or rent a cheap hotel room for a few hours – that can also be a new thrill. 


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  1. That sounds great,,will give
    That sounds great,,will give it a try soon

  2. yea, out door sex z such
    yea, out door sex z such thrill….we had it on a warm verander @ ma girl’s hostel…around 8.10 am wen atha chiks in their rum were jst havin their wake-up yawn….tell u what! twaz owosomest….

    1. Kevin,
      thanks for sharing!

      thanks for sharing!

  3. Even sex is played in the
    Even sex is played in the amazing.

  4. Is T Gud To av Sex In Someone
    Is T Gud To av Sex In Someone’s B/ness Kiosk During D Nyt?
    Is T Gud 2 Do It In Abus Whle Its Moving?

    1. John, that’s a matter of
      John, that’s a matter of choice. If you and your partner want to do it then go for it.

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