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Love and other drugs

Does marijuana make sex better? I was curious to find out. I’m sure you are, too.

Drugs? I knew nothing about drugs. I had recently turned 25 and, until that time, managed to live a pretty conventional life. A perfect young woman. My mother was very proud of the work of her hands.
Getting here wasn’t accidental in the least. There were key choices and paths taken in my life to make sure that there was no chance of contraband influence in it.

I come from a very religious family. It was therefore drilled into my mind from as early as I can remember that alcohol and other drugs were the actual devil. Then there were the many years of Catholic school. Eight to be exact.
Boy, did they emphasize just how much drugs would destroy our young lives as we knew them.

Our lives would not be destroyed by such irresponsible decisions.
I remained the upstanding girl, at the club, high on Coca-Cola.
Of course, when I went off to university, my rigid stance against recreational substances mellowed. I learned to appreciate a good whiskey and dark beer.
My virginity soon followed; not to say that the two events were in any way linked.

Fast forward four years and I found myself hopelessly in love with an older, skinny man with waist-long dreads. As far the dreadlock stereotypes go, he fit the bill pretty accurately. A strong marijuana advocate, who mostly wanted to ‘chill’ and was about ‘good vibes only.’

I never admitted at the time but I was drawn to how starkly different he was from my past until that point.

Before then I had sparked a doobie or two, but our relationship was soon shrouded in clouds of smoke that paved the way to accelerated intimacy and isolation in our own little world. My poor mother, after all her hard work; she would have died if she knew.

The love was intense. The love making: out of this world. The weed took down my carefully formed walls and allowed me to get out of my head more than I had before during sex. The rawer the emotions were, the more we were comfortable trying new things with each other.
There were also specific weed strains that made us both extremely aroused. One roll smoked would immediately lead to our clothes coming off and what felt like hours of uninhibited sex. It was great! I learned way more about my body in a couple of months than I had in a quarter century.

I’m not trying to say you should run to your closest dealer and get yourself a stick of weed this instance. Given the right time and environment with a great partner however, it can be extremely fun to try. Be warned, any sexual boundaries that you may have been set are likely to be dropped. You will find yourself exploring many aspects you may not have considered before. This is a great thing – in my opinion.

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Should you suspect that you or a loved one has problems with drugs, please seek help from a healthcare professional immediately.


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