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Men are born with a foreskin – a skin that covers and protects the penis head.

When a boy or a man is circumcised, his foreskin is removed and the head of the penis is exposed.

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Circumcision is done for a variety of reasons. In some places, it shows that men belong to a certain religion, ethnic group, or tribe. In other situations, parents have their sons circumcised for hygiene or health reasons.

Male circumcision around the world

The World Health Organization estimates that 30 per cent of males around the world is circumcised. Among some groups, such as Jews and Muslims, nearly all men are circumcised.

What are the advantages of being circumcised?

According to some research, circumcised men have a lower risk of:

  • Urinary tract infections
  • HIV
  • Syphilis
  • Chancroid disease

This may be because a foreskin provides a moist environment where germs are more likely to grow.

With a circumcised penis, the head may be less sensitive, so the man can go on longer during intercourse before ejaculating. For some men, this can be a bonus.

What are the disadvantages of being circumcised?

Research suggests that circumcised men may find it much harder to reach an orgasm as they get older. This can also make sex less pleasurable for their partners.

Some people feel that circumcision is a violent act and harmful to a boy's or man’s body. For example, the Royal Dutch Medical Society (KNMG) calls circumcision for non-medical reasons 'an infringement of a child’s right to autonomy and the right to bodily integrity'. The society says the operation brings unnecessary risks of complications.

Finally, some uncircumcised men are very happy to have their foreskin!

Did you learn something new?

Hi Tttd, using a condom shouldn't be a challenge to either circumcised or uncircumcised man. The steps to follow when using condoms are the same. Check out this article;

Hi Bonnie, how many shots a person can go is depended on a number of things and these may vary from person to person. If you wish to go for more than one shot, talk to your partner and agree on this. Remember, there is  the refractory period, where a man can't get an erection. This happens immediately after ejaculation. It is a good time to focus on their partner, soon enough one will be able to get an erection and they can have intercourse again. 

Hello Mike, the head of your penis, the glans, is a sensitive part of your penis – usually the most sensitive part. It is normal for it to be that sensitive. Check out this article for more information:

It's now day 10 after circumcision but there's still a swelling underneath my penis and it hurts when my penis erects to the extent of blood coming out is this normal?

Denis, if the wound is not completely healed, the stretching of the skin when the penis is erect may lead to tearing of the wound resulting to bleeding. Do consult your health provider to advice about the swelling. 

Hello, Denis, it is normalcfor a penis to swell underneath after circumsition, it takes a while to heal, just keep it clean to prevent infection. If its bleeding alot you may consider going back to the doctor or nurse to rectify something. Thanks

Hi, research has shown that circumcision reduces the risk of infection among circumcised men slightly over 60 per cent. This however doesn't mean a circumcised man cannot be infected, circumcision only reduces the the risk. For this reason, it is important to use protection to protect oneself from the risk of getting infected with HIV.

Hey Tom, you can try and avoid those things that will trigger an erection. However, Penises have their own minds and sometimes one will get an erection even if they didn't want to have one. Sometimes an erection will have nothing to do with arousal. Also, sometimes you will wake up with an erection, hopefully you will heal with minimal challenges. 

Mon, 06/25/2018 - 12:08 pm
Is it advisable for someone who is over 18 years to be circumcised? What happens when he gets an erection when he is not healed completely?

Hey Rapemo, An erection when the circumcision wound is not completely healed can lead to tares  which can complicate the healing process. While penises will sometimes have minds of their own, it is important for one to  try and avoid getting one. An important tip is to try and avoid what can lead to an erection, perhaps triggers that may cause you to be aroused, keeping you bladder empty has also been cited to help ensure one does not get an erection including sex. Talk to the health provider who may also provide tips on taking care of the wound.

Hey there, it shouldn’t be very uncomfortable. It’s only in very rare cases that a foreskin is too small and causes consistent pain during sex. If that proves to be the case with you, go see a doctor who will be able to help you solve this. See the following article for additional information;-

Thu, 09/06/2018 - 11:47 am
Hello I have a question I want to know if it is possible for my son to get a circumcision done on him because his foreskin does not open.

Hi Joel, yes a grown man can choose to be circumcised considering the benefits one stands to gain following this procedure. The main one being that their risk of getting infected with Sexually Transmitted Infections particularly HIV is reduce by over 60%. Talk to your health care provider and they will be able to direct you where to get this service at a medical facility.

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 03:07 pm
I have heard about the benefits of circumcision but as an adult man in my mid 20s will it not take long to heal? What happens if I get an erection before it heals?
Sat, 02/02/2019 - 08:25 pm
When I sleep with alady,I go longer in bed,round two I can use 30 _minutes before ejaculating. Am I right?? Lady complain that am hurting them

Hi Joachim, it is normal for the second round to take a little longer than the first. When intercourse is extended it is possible that the vagina becomes dry leading to pain. It may help to stop, get your partner aroused again which makes the vagina to self lubricate before continuing with intercourse. You could also consider using lubrication to supplement. Have a look at the following article;-

Hi Dave, you want to wait until you are completely healed before attempting to have sex. Having sex before you are well healed with lead to complications which may make healing take more time including exposing one to lots of pain and infections. 

Hi, there is really no age limit for get circumcised it is however it maybe important to have the procedure done at a health facility to avoid such complications like excessive bleeding. Talking to health care provider will help provide advice of what issues may arise and how to address them if they do. Have a look at the following article for additional information;-

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