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When should girls start gynecological visits?

When was the last time you paid your gynaecologist a visit? Have you started yet?

Did you know that the female reproductive system has both internal and external organs?

Internal organs include the; vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries while external sex organs are; vulva which includes the labia, clitoris, and vaginal opening. 

During puberty which is often between 8-14 years, body changes in girls begin with breast development, hips broadening, and menstruation. At this stage, and age one has a lot of questions about periods and sexuality that require gynecologist assistance.

Women and girls can see or be treated or guided by gynecologists at any age. The best time for a girl to start her visits is at the age of 13 to 15 years regardless of whether she has started menstruating or is sexually active.

A common assumption, especially in Kenya, is that visits to a gynecologist are only for young women ages 20 and above and for married women, especially for pregnancy-related services only.

Many of us have grown to know issues such as pregnancy, fertility, menstruation, family planning and contraception, STIs and menopause are worth a visit forgetting that teen girls equally require annual visits for their general reproductive health wellness.

Many parents are still not open to talk openly about changes taking place during puberty to their kids, thus an expert view and information are vital for the teens.

Teens need a gynae too…

Reproductive health issues like irregular periods, heavy bleeding, discharge, pain or blood while urinating, prolonged bleeding, recurrent yeast infection also occur among many teens. At the age of 10, many have started engaging in relationships.

Visit a gynecologist equips teens with general information about their health and most importantly with key information about losing virginity, responsible sex, and the right time to get into a sexual relationship and practicing it safely.

Gynecological services are available in government facilities for instance in Kenyatta National Hospital where general gynea normally happens from Tuesday to Thursday preferably in in afternoon according to the clinic days calendar on their website. Visit your nearest hospital to find out more about their gynaecological services

When was your first visit to a gynecologist?

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  1. Hello, kindly give an…
    Hello, kindly give an assistance is it possible for one to conceive after she was diagnosed PAD

    1. Hi Patricia, 

      Yes, you can…

      Hi Patricia, 

      Yes, you can still get pregnant. Since PAD can interfere with blood flow to your growing fetus, talk to your doctor about precautions you can take for a healthy pregnancy. 

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