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The e-pill was saved my life!

Jane always thought that e-pills are for irresponsible and immature girls only! She had always made sure to use condoms; but one night the condom broke!

In a panic, Jane and her long-term boyfriend made a rushed trip to the chemist, followed by an agonizing wait until her period arrived. ‘I realized then that the e-pill was a life-saver!’

‘Of course, I had heard of e-pills – in school and on TV and the radio. But I didn’t see the point, and I thought girls who used them were just irresponsible. ‘Why would you have unprotected sex just because e-pills existed? That’s just wrong!’ I realize now that I was being somewhat immature and judgmental.

‘I had always put my trust in condoms because they don’t change my hormone levels or stay in my body like IUDs. I really don’t want any changes in my body.

Panic and anxiety!

‘I still don’t get what happened that night the condom broke. Perhaps it was the heat of the moment. When my boyfriend told me, I panicked.

I just kept thinking ‘I CANNOT become pregnant. My father will disown me.

‘I won’t have a roof over my head.’ But then my boyfriend suggested e-pills. The thought hadn’t even occurred to me!

‘That evening after going by the chemist, I swallowed the pill immediately. I thought: the sooner, the better! At first, I wanted to go into town to get them so that nobody we knew would see me. But my boyfriend said it didn’t matter. Maybe he wanted to make sure I actually took the pills to avoid any ‘surprise’ babies in his future.

‘The pills came in a green box that said ‘Postinor-2’. And 200 shillings seemed like a very fair price. The pharmacist also said they’re readily available at most chemists.

The relief!

‘I remember asking the pharmacist if the drug was authentic and he showed me the mark of quality. It reassured me but I stayed scared. I didn’t experience any side effects but the anxiety killed me. What if they didn’t work? I’d be forced to have an abortion. I ignored the thought and went on counting the days. I didn’t share my fears with my boyfriend and so I went through the agony alone. The day I got my period was a huge relief!

‘I am ashamed to say that besides the fear of pregnancy, I never considered STDs and we were never tested. Actually, we still haven’t gotten tested…

‘Now that I have used an e-pill myself, I feel I was wrong about what I thought about them earlier. And I know they aren’t abortions, like some say since they prevent actual implantation. At the end of the day, I am very grateful to the geniuses who thought of e-pills…’

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