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Can my partner feel my IUD during sex?

Worried that your man will feel the IUD during sex?

The IUD (intrauterine device) is a small, T-shaped device that is placed in the uterus to prevent pregnancy. This birth control method can be effective for up to ten years.

The IUD must be inserted and removed by a trained medical professional.

One of the best things about having an IUD is that if inserted well, you can even forget you have one. No regular trips to the clinic or reminder to take the pill.

You can have sex as much as you want without worrying about getting pregnant.

Talking of sex; let’s get to what brought you here in the first place.

Many women wonder whether this device affects their bedroom activities. Can your partner feel it during sex?

The simple answer is no.

First the IUD sits in the uterus, not in the vagina so there’s no way for it to have contact with the penis. Unless your man’s penis is as a big as a blue whale’s (8-10 feet long). In which case he needs to be checked by a doctor!

What about the strings?

The strings are thin and soft and most men will not even feel them during sex. In rare cases where the man can feel them, you can go back to the doctor and ask whether the strings can be shortened.

It is possible to feel the strings if the IUD was inserted recently, but, as time goes by, the strings become less noticeable as they continue to become softer. The longer you have the IUD’s, the softer the strings become.

What about rough sex?

As long as your IUD has been inserted well, you should not worry. It is very rare that the device will dislodge (your doctor calls this expulsion).

Feel free to get creative with the sex positions as well do your wheelbarrow, 69, spider, spork, etc.


If you or your partner can feel the IUD during sex, it is likely that it has moved from where it was placed. If it has moved, you may also experience cramping, discomfort, and some bleeding after sex. In this case, you need to see a doctor immediately. A displaced IUD is not effective at preventing pregnancy.

You can visit a Marie Stopes clinic near you for assistance. 

It’s your turn now, ask a question or tell us your experience with IUD.


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  1. Just learned IUD birth…
    Just learned IUD birth control is safe.

    1. Hi Joyce, 

      Yes, the IUD is…

      Hi Joyce, 

      Yes, the IUD is safe. As long as it is inserted correctly by a medical professional, you should be good to go! 

  2. Learnt that the IUD can’t be…
    Learnt that the IUD can’t be felt during sex and it can be shortened once the man begins to feel it

    1. Hi Winnie, 

      That’s true…

      Hi Winnie, 

      That’s true. Keep it here for more informative content. 

  3. Now days I feel pain when…
    Now days I feel pain when having intercourse and having regular itching

    1. Hi Patience, 

      Itching in…

      Hi Patience, 

      Itching in the pubic area often results from irritation, allergy, inflammation, or infection. Irritation and allergy could be brought about by chemicals in any products that are used near the pubic area. If you have been using products that you never used before, the best thing is to stop. 

      In your case, there’s pain and itching and this could be a sign of an infection. Visit your doctor for tests and treatment. 

  4. Is the IUD hormonal and if so, which method is non-hormonal?

    1. Hi there,

      We have both, copper IUDs, which are non-hormonal, and hormonal IUDs. Other examples of non-hormonal contraceptives are condoms, sponge, spermicides, vasectomy, tubal ligation, diaphragm. To learn more about these contraceptives, click this link: Comprehensive List Of Contraceptives

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