Sterilisations, for both men and women, require minor surgical procedures


Sterilization is a birth control method with a very low failure rate. Both men and women can be sterilized.

Female sterilization

This is a permanent method of contraception – your eggs cannot be fertilized, so you can’t get pregnant.

The surgery involves cutting and tying two tubes that carry the egg from the ovaries to the uterus in women or two tubes that carry sperm to the penis in men.

There are six different methods to perform sterilization. Some of them can be reversed, but at a very high cost, and without the guarantee that it actually works.

Sterilization generally doesn’t impact your periods. It can decrease your risk of getting ovarian cancer.

The method does require minor surgery, which can have complications. And especially for young women, there is the risk that they later regret going for a non-reversible method of birth control. So you should be absolutely sure that this is what you want.


Male sterilization, or vasectomy, is a birth control method with a very low failure rate. It’s considered a non-reversible method, which means that once it’s done, the man won’t be able to have any more children.
It requires minor surgery, which comes with small risks, such as bruising and pain.

Vasectomies don’t interfere with sexual function.

One of the concerns, just like with female sterilization, is regretting choosing a non-reversible option later on. So you should be aware that once it’s done, you won’t be able to father any more children.

It’s simpler, safer, cheaper, and more effective than female sterilization. It’s also one of the only real options (other than condoms) to get involved in birth control for men.

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  1. I read somewhere that…
    I read somewhere that Vasectomy can be reversed is it true?

    1. Hey Toney, with today’s…

      Hey Toney, with today’s advancement in medicine Vasectomy can be reversed. The procedure is however very complicated and may at times not be successful. 

      1. Where is south africa can…
        Where is south africa can one go for vasectomy?im in jhb

        1. Hey Chanty, visit any Marie…

          Hey Chanty, visit any Marie Stopes centre in Johannesburg and they will be able to assist. 

  2. …but vasectomy can now be…
    …but vasectomy can now be reversed which means its not permanent anymore!

    1. Hi, with medical advancement…

      Hi, with medical advancement this procedure can be reversed but it is a much more complicated procedure which may also be unsuccessful. It is important then that one carefully considers the decision to have a vasectomy done. 

  3. I think vasectomy can now be…
    I think vasectomy can now be reversed though the surgery is risky and may not be successful in reversing the procedure.

    1. Hi Antony, we agree. It is…

      Hi Antony, we agree. It is for this reason important to carefully consider this decision because of the complexity of trying to get the procedure reversed. 

  4. Vasectomy is not for African…
    Vasectomy is not for African men. Maybe the west can embrace it. Thank for the information.

    1. Hey Duke, more and more…

      Hey Duke, more and more African men are actually embracing and taking up Vasectomy as birth control option.

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