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What women like in a penis

By Sarah Moses December 23, 06:00 am
What makes a penis attractive? Women of all ages weigh in on what matters most penis-wise, in a study from Switzerland. Are you curious?

Tons of lads worry about the size of their penis, and even at Love Matters, men are constantly asking questions about length and girth. But what do women consider handsome when it comes to a penis?

Swiss scientists decided to look into that, for a rather simple reason. They wanted to know if women thought penises looked normal when they’d been operated on to correct a common birth defect. But this led the researchers to scratch their heads and wonder, ‘What is a good looking penis?’

Size or looks?

So… they showed 100 women between 16 to 45 pictures of penises, elegantly posed from every angle. And they also asked the women to rate what mattered most when it came to penis good looks. Some did this before they perused the penis pics and others only afterwards. Was a bigger penis more attractive? Or did things like the head, scrotum, skin or pubic hair make or break a sexy penis?

On penis size, the women were unanimous: bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to a fine-looking schlong, they all said. In fact, length was one of the least important characteristics, while girth was rated third out of eight by half the women.

Interestingly, the women who had to say what mattered most before they inspected the penis parade were more likely to put size higher on the list. For women who checked out the penises first, and saw all the variety that was on offer, size became even less of an issue.

What did they rate as the number one factor? 'General cosmetic appearance.' It’s not entirely clear what that entails. But the women also said the appearance of a guy’s pubic hair is very important. Close behind in the rankings of what matters most is the way the skin looks.

Besides length, other things that women didn’t seem to find all that important were the head of a penis, the scrotum, and the opening at the end.

The whole package

All in all, it seems like guys’ penises are a bit like their faces. No two are the same, and there are many aspects that can make them more or less attractive to different women. Clear skin and the right hairstyle helps, but it’s the overall impression that counts. And of course, it’s nice if you can tell they’re pleased to see you!

So if you’re a guy who’s ever worried about the looks or size of your penis, here’s the take-home message: don’t get hung up on any one factor. Especially not size. If you’re concerned about something like blisters or spots or bumps, pluck up courage and see the doctor. For the rest, remember it’s the whole package she’s interested in.

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Source: What is a Good Looking Penis? How Women Rate the Penile Appearance of Men with Surgically Corrected Hypospadias, Norma Katharina Ruppen-Greeff, Daniel M. Weber, Markus A. Landolt

This article was originally published on 2 December 2015.

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