Milking the pleasures of the prostate

Milking the pleasures out of the prostate

‘Prostate milking’ is trending. There are two basic rules: use lots of lube and don’t churn butter from any of the by-products …

Pleasure over cancer

If you’re googling ‘sex’ this month, you’ll be getting a lot of anal. Actually, you’ll be getting a lot of info on a plucky, plum-like organ that lives just east of the anus: the prostate.

This month is Movember, an ever-growing global movement that has men growing moustaches to bring attention to male health issues, particularly prostate cancer.

Every year, Movember gets more media attention. But this year, editors seem to have gone in search of a new angle and this has led to countless stories focusing on the prostate as a pleasure organ – the ‘male G-spot’ (aka P-spot).

Whether ‘prostate play’, ‘prostate massage’ or ‘prostate milking’, these terms all refer to stimulating the prostrate for medical or sexual purposes.

Can guys orgasm immediately from prostate play? Here’s what you need to know about the male G-spot’.

Prostate massage: the last heterosexual taboo?

Why more straight guys should be playing with their butts’.

All of these articles tend to focus on the same ideas:

1) The prostate is a magical little organ that is directly linked to male sexual response – supplying much of semen’s volume and acting as the slingshot behind ejaculation.

2) When engaging in prostate massage, use lots of lube.

3) Prostate play is not gay. Gay men may have perhaps served pioneering roles. But in theory, pleasure – no matter how you milk it – belongs to us all.

4) Really: do use lots of lube.

5) Prostate milking is good for you. Some Asian countries have long practiced prostate massage therapy as a way to enhance sexual performance and male fertility – and this may help explain why these countries tend to have lower rates of prostate cancer and prostatitis (a painful inflammation of the prostate).

6) Just drain that tube of lube. Just hose that stuff around.

7) Prostate massage gives massive pleasure. The resulting orgasms are said to be ‘deeper’ and feel a third stronger than regular orgasms.

8) Did we mention that you should use lots of lube?

What these articles fail to mention: that while the action is often referred to as ‘prostate milking’, you shouldn’t use any of the resulting by-products to make your own artisanal cheese.

D.I.Y.: practice, practice, practice

Another recurring motif in articles about prostate play is that it’s easy to learn. All it requires is practice (and if done with a partner: communication).

‘There is no shortage of explicit videos about the topic on websites like XTube or PornMD, which we encourage you to explore for yourself. YouTube also has a fair share of family friendly prostate massage videos, many of which tend to be rather strange and, at times, terrifying,’ according to ‘Got milk? The internet’s strangest how-to videos about prostate milking’.

In one video, a woman uses a mini latex butt to demonstrate the basic techniques.

In another video, ‘pleasure coach’ Bob Patrick uses a soda bottle. ‘So where do you find a man’s prostate?’ he asks. ‘Look in the refrigerator!’

Expanding markets

As proof of the increasing interest in prostate milking, several sex toy companies are investing heavily in marketing their vibrating prostate massagers to straight men.

‘A company out of Houston, Texas, named Aneros, started out as a medical device company to aid with the comfort problems that come with an enlarged prostate in men,’ according to ‘The shape of sex toys to come’.

But then they discovered that other customers were using their prostate device for ‘much longer lengths of time and in very different ways’.

‘That’s what sparked so many different versions of our products today, because users were using them for hours on end, so it’s what motivated us to redesign our products,’ says the CEO of Aneros. ‘The things we’ve come out with in the last few years have this concept of a wearable product designed for long-term use.’

With that level of long-term churning, perhaps making some cheese or butter is not such a crazy idea after all.

Could the resulting butter perhaps even be used as lube?

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