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Foreskin envy

By Valentine Njoroge September 29, 03:27 pm
I got circumcised young and never had an opportunity to see my foreskin. I've been admiring uncircumcised men because of their foreskin. How can I restore my foreskin?

Wow! Rarely do I get a question for which I have absolutely no answer. I have never thought that foreskin was that important. That said, I have never had one myself.

No way to restore it

So after reading quite a bit on the subject, the bad news is that there is no gadget to restore foreskin. I suppose that you could have some kind of skin transplant (much like a burn victim) if it matters that much to you.  But, I don’t think there are many urologists in Kenya who would be qualified or willing to carry out such a procedure.

Why do you think you miss it?

I am very interested in why this matters so much. Do you think that covered penises are more attractive? Do you feel that your family robbed you of something vital without so much as a question as to how you felt about it? Do you feel violated and ashamed?

If it is any consolation, I have never heard a single woman talk about foreskin as a thing that matters, or in any way adds to her sexual experience.

Also, men who were circumcised after they had had sex, report that the skin right under the foreskin is more sensitive to touch, but that this does not make a huge difference in their sex lives. All in all, it does not sound like you are missing much in the pleasure department.


However, your question has got me thinking. There is a huge international outcry about FGC and the circumcision of girls. Their shame is well documented, as are their feelings regarding their bodies and subsequent sex lives. Your question highlights my ignorance of how men might feel about being circumcised and having their foreskin removed without their consent. There is an assumption that men must be okay with circumcision because they can perform sexually and father children after it.

I am sorry for your loss and I hope that your experience gives parents pause as they consider whether or not to circumcise their sons at an early age and without their consent.


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