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Vagina confidence: thou shall love thy vagina

Your vagina is a self-cleaning, baby-making, sexy-looking miracle between your thighs. What a wonder!

According to research, more than two-thirds of millennial vagina-owners have turned down oral sex because they’re self-conscious about their vagina. What a shame! That’s a lot of missed pleasure if you ask me.

Many women are uncomfortable about the color of their vulva, the size of their labia, the pubic hair, the natural smell, the overall look, etc.

Porn and other media have definitely contributed to this lack of confidence. Do you see how almost perfect those vaginas look? Most women can almost not relate to what they see.

This leads them to end up feeling like their vagina is gross, smelly, and weird-looking.

Do you know how your vagina looks?

First things first, when is the last time you grabbed a mirror, opened your legs, and took a good look at your vagina? While it took time to appreciate this wonderfully created organ?

Studies have shown that over half of women aged 35 and under are unable to label a diagram of their genitals correctly. This is worrying.

If you feel uneasy about your vagina, you’re not alone. 

Ladies! let’s normalize taking a good look at your vagina often.This will help you to know what is normal for your vagina, and to have a good knowledge of how your look, so you’ll be quick to notice when something is not right. We have got to reclaim our vaginas.

We’ve got to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to meet some strange idealized standard rather than loving the vagina as nature intended.

Regardless of how your vagina looks, whatever your history, know that your vagina is absolutely perfect, just as it is. And the best part? Whatever you chose to do with your vagina, from creating new life to arousing heart-stopping orgasms, it’s nobody’s business but your own.

Where it all begins…

When we talk about general body confidence, vagina confidence is a key consideration. It will be impossible to begin to feel good about yourself and other body parts without acknowledging how amazing your vagina is and looks.

Notably, being able to talk about your vagina in all its glory and without shame is so important for enabling you to confidently take control of your reproductive healthy and sexual pleasure. Studies show that some women fail to attend their pap smear test and other gynecological appointments because they are not comfortable with someone looking at their vagina.

When you’re taking time to self-reflect, searching for self-love, and wondering where to begin, start with your vagina. Learning to love your vagina is very critical in living a happy and fulfilled life.

Developing vagina confidence is a process. However, you can start with the basics such as using the word vagina instead of the usual private parts. Say it with me ladies, VAGINA! VAGINA! VAGINA!

With time, you’ll be amazed how much impact speaking openly about your vagina has on your confidence.

Do you know how your vagina looks?

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