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Here’s how you should wipe your vagina

What is the correct way of wiping your vagina after peeing or urinating? Back to front? Front to back? Shaking off the excess pee? Not wiping at all?

You may be wondering why someone would even write about how to wipe a vagina. Like duh! It’s something you’ve been doing for so long it’s second nature. Well, maybe it’s because you have been doing it wrong all these years.

Your whole life may have been a lie.

First of all, let me address women who do not wipe their vagina after peeing. Wipe your vagina lady! It will thank you!

Why, you ask?

Because not wiping after urinating is likely to get the panties wet. This is not only bad because you may feel uncomfortable, but may also smell of urine or worse still get a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

That’s enough reason to start wiping your lady parts, right? Great.

Now, that we are in agreement, are you wiping your vagina the right way? Chances are that you are not.

The right way to clean your vagina is from front to back and NOT from back to front. This means that you should wipe your vagina from the vaginal area to the anus. Front to back.

Why? You ask…

This is because when you wipe back to the front, you may pick and drag harmful bacteria from the rectum (anus) to the vagina. Now, you don’t want harmful bacteria anywhere near your vagina, do you?

As a woman, your urethra is quite short bacteria can easily enter and travel to the bladder. The result of this is a UTI.

While we are on the topic of wiping, do Not overdo it. You do not need rolls and rolls of tissue paper to wipe your vagina. This is not a save tissue paper campaign, rather, it is a warning that over wiping will likely irritate the sensitive skin around your vagina leading to inflammation and itching. One or two wipes are good enough. If you require more wipes than this, wet tissue paper or unscented baby wipes should do the trick.

If possible, you can also clean your vagina with water and then wipe it with tissue.

If you have been wiping your vagina wrongly, it’s time to start doing it correctly.

How do you wipe your vagina? Talk to us in the comments section.

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    1. Yes, now you know, Edith!

      Yes, now you know, Edith!

    2. Thx for reminding us how to…
      Thx for reminding us how to stay clean

      1. You’re welcome, Bernice!

        You’re welcome, Bernice!

    3. I normally do the way you…
      I normally do the way you have explain there.

      1. Fantastic! Glad to know you…

        Fantastic! Glad to know you’re doing it right Beatrice. 

  1. That’s exactly what have…
    That’s exactly what have been doing

    1. Great! Good to know you have…

      Great! Good to know you have been doing it the right way. 

  2. It’s really interesting,I…
    It’s really interesting,I care alot about my lady part , thanks so much

    1. Well, I am glad you have…

      Well, I am glad you have learnt another tip to care for the lady parts. 

    1. That’s right princess!

      That’s right princess!

  3. Noted,thanks for the…
    Noted,thanks for the information

    1. Great! You’re welcome,…

      Great! You’re welcome, Martha. 

  4. Am thankful to this now I…
    Am thankful to this now I know

    1. Hi there, 

      You’re welcome. 

      Hi there, 

      You’re welcome. 

  5. My wife’s Virginia is smelly…
    My wife’s Virginia is smelly how can u help me

    1. Hi Samwel, 

      It could either…

      Hi Samwel, 

      It could either be a hygiene issue or it could be a sign of an infection. How would you describe the smell? 

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