At what age does the penis stop growing?

If you are a penis owner, penis lover, penis admirer, or penis researcher, chances are that the topic of penis size has crossed your mind. But have you ever asked yourself at what point the penis stops growing?

Penis growth begins at birth. There’s slow and steady growth in penis size during childhood years. During puberty, the penis grows longer and thicker. There is significant growth experienced between 12 and 16 years.

This is linked to a spike (increase) in testosterone levels. It is during this time that most penis owners notice significant growth.

For many penis owners, the penis stops growing in the late teenage years (17-19 years) or early 20’s in some men.

The rate at which the penis grows differs from one person to another. Late bloomers should not be concerned if they do not experience the same growth as their peers.

As the penis continues to grow since birth, the testes mostly remain the same size during childhood and only begin to grow bigger between 8 to 9 years and most rapid and significant growth occurs between 11 and 15.

Can I increase the size?

Once the penis reaches its adult size, there is nothing much you can do to increase the size. Remember, that the size of your penis is largely determined by your genetics so you know who to be mad at if you’re unhappy with your size. Just like your genes determine how tall you get, they also affect how length and thickness of the penis.

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Other factors that to an extent affect the size of your penis are hormones. People with lower levels of testosterone tend to have smaller penises.

Note: Men should not be worried about whether their penis is big enough but size does not really affect a person’s ability to engage in sexual activities.  

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