How it’s like being a queer in Kenya: A Poem

Being Queer in Kenya has a lot of challenges: Things that makes my blood boil, Some that makes me want to scream, Some that makes me shiver in worry, Some that I just smile and walk away, And some that I just have to laugh at because they just don’t make sense.

I don’t know about you

But I love being in the closet

I love chipping in on homophobic conversations

Weird right? 😃

I always make sure I put across a point or two on the same

See and hear people make a fool of themselves

The judgement, the hatred, the ‘yakish’ reactions when they see a gay couple online

I act surprised too

‘Such a cute dude just decided to be sim 2?’

‘Such a pretty girl aliamua tu ni vidole?’ (such a pretty girl but she just decided fingers are better)[2] 

I love gaslighting by the way

I love getting on people’s guts

You being homophobic means I’ll annoy you more just so I know your thoughts more[3] 

Know how to tread around you

Oh this fight to love and be free,

At this age, I fear for my queer siblings,

The unconstitutional debates, I mean why are we even debating Human existence,

Love should not question who you love,

It should be greater, it should not divide us

I long the times when we won’t have to come out of the closet

We will just say we are in love and that will be all that matters.

I fear for my life,

When I think about some that have been killed

Others that have been violated,

I fear what would become of me

What happens when my neighbors find out?

Am I even safe heading home late?

Will it ever be safe to live in a country that shames me?

What happens if the bills around get passed?

Should I find a way to just live?

I bleed everytime one of us dies,

When I think of Sheila

I remember the pain they felt

The torture and agony

Yet it all happened in their house

The one place you would never expect to die so brutally

The one place we all should feel safe

The one place we fine peace!

And yet the courts have been silent about this

With all the evidence, the case is still open

It’s been an year and no justice yet

A blind person can actually see the bias that’s in this court

Today there’s actually a hearing

One like a finger, one hearing is scheduled

I’m not sure whether to still hold on hope

All should I just let go.

I fear my family and colleagues

The homophobia is too loud that it gets deafening

Everyone has got something hateful to say

Even the holier than thou ones have insults streaming down like a river

Because ooh dear they believe we are the worst bunch

When it comes to the LGBTQIA community. the worst sin is to belong

In this case its they even claim it’s the biggest sin…

Yet it’s written all sins are actually equal!

I wish we would all find long lasting solutions

To all our fears

To all the hate and spite

To the insecurities

For the sake of or Safety

I wish we could find a way out!

© Voice-Kenya

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