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Is it wrong for men to wear thongs?

Ruele Okeyo
Did you know that thongs were initially made for men? Yep, thongs were originally worn by hunter-gatherers throughout Asia and Africa. It was not until the mid-2th century these items became exclusively part of women’s style.

Fast forward to today, thongs is exclusively seen as part of women’s style. Yet, there are thongs designed specifically for men. Wearing thongs, like many aspects of fashion, is a personal choice and not inherently gender-specific.

Society’s traditional norms and expectations are rapidly evolving, leading to a broader acceptance of personal expression through clothing. It’s essential to acknowledge that people have different comfort levels and preferences when it comes to underwear. Some boys and men may find thongs comfortable or enjoy the aesthetic they provide, and these are valid reasons to opt for such a choice.

Gender should not limit our freedom to select the garments we wear. In fact, normalizing this notion can be seen as a step towards breaking down harmful stereotypes and promoting gender equality.

Therefore, it’s not wrong for boys to wear thongs if they choose to; it’s an individual choice that should be respected. In a progressively inclusive society, comfort, personal style, and individual expression supersede traditional norms and stereotypes.

Are you a man who wears thongs? Share your views with us in the comments section.

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