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7 tips to hide unwanted erection in public

There is nothing as embarrassing for a man as walking in town and feeling your trouser get tighter. If you're a penis owner, you are likely to have experienced this.

You're just minding your business in town and when you look down, Alas! you realize you are having an involuntary erection, which is completely normal. 99.9% of men at some point, if not routinely, experience an awkward boner.

Unwanted erections stand as the second strongest contender in the list of most uncontrollable forces after a kiss from your crush. Getting an erection in a public place can be embarrassing, but you shouldn't freak out.

It's important that you keep in mind that erections are a naturally occurring thing, especially if you're a boy going through puberty. You must have heard about Nocturnal penile tumescence a.k.a the glorious morning wood.

You wake up and your little man down there is already standing at attention.

No one wants a sudden pocket rocket to cause ignorant, wandering eyes to view them as some kind of pervert. Luckily, a little know-how and maneuvering can help you keep your pants party hidden in pretty much any situation:

Here's how
Wear tighter underwear

Ditch the boxers that have a lot of wiggle room and embrace the power of briefs. If you can, avoid wearing soft silk underwear as they can rub against your penis and cause you to have an erection.

Tie a hoodie or sweater to hide your erection

This could also work with a long tee-shirt. Make sure it covers your crotch area and conceals your erection to anyone that's looking at you.

Pocket your hands

Catch your little man by surprise. Pocketing also looks cool if you can pull it off. If you are wearing skinny jeans, this will be difficult.

Cross your legs

Pin down your erection with your thighs but be careful not to do it forcefully. Of course, this only works if you are sitting down.

Cool your erection

Try putting something cold on your erection, like frozen water or soda. If possible, maybe you’re in the gym, cold water from a shower will reduce your erection.

Go somewhere secluded until it goes away

As unexpected as it came, unexpectedly will it leave. Find a place where you are all alone, for instance, a bathroom, and wait till your erection subsides. Try your best not to watch porn, or think of your crush or both.

Pinch yourself

This is a distraction technique. Take your mind off your erection and into the pain of pinching yourself. Make it slightly uncomfortable and you won’t even realize when the blood left your penis.

The Bottom Line

While ejaculating is the most straightforward way to get rid of an erection, it’s not always possible to reach orgasm when you have an erection.

It is important to understand that if you have frequent unwanted erections that last for more than four hours, you need to consult a medical professional. This condition is known as priapism. A painful erection may also be a sign of priapism. Priapism can damage the tissue in the penis and even lead to erectile dysfunction.

It’s hard (hehe) but it’s possible to hide your erection. Next time you see me pocketing and looking straight ahead, maybe, *maybe*, it is just an erection. Don’t stare.

Over to you, how do you hide an erection when in public places?

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