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Mood Swings

Can you please explain to me this thing of girls reacting differently at different times of the month?

From this question, I gather you are a guy. The fact that women and men perceive things very differently is a no brainier, thus, the saying women are from Venus and men from Mars.

How people react to different situations can vary from person to person and across gender lines. There are men out there who sulk and refuse to talk more often than not. Only effective communication in a relationship can enable one to understand why people react differently, in varying times and circumstances.

Having said that, I can only guess you are referring to a woman’s monthly cycle that many men associate with mood swings. A woman’s period is one of the most misunderstood things in a woman’s life by men. The lack of understanding leads some guys to conclude that a woman is in a certain mood or reacting abnormally because she is on her period. She must be going through a lot of pain and cramps, that manifest in her moods and reactions, when the actual issue is you night have irritated her a lot. There are many misconceptions that guys have about menstruation, such as:

  • Women give birth to balls of hard blood every month and it’s one messy and an agonizingly painful affair that puts her in a bad mood and makes her irritable. The truth of the matter is it’s a flow, sometimes heavy and at times very little. However, guys can never imagine it because there is nothing to compare it with.
  • Blood gushes out like a raging river without warning, messing her moods. Some men even think women pee blood! Hence, the reason why they carry big bagsful of pads and all sorts of implements for period management. Believe it or not, there are signs before the start of the period and most women have normal cycles.
  • Women can’t do many activities when on their period. Contrary to this belief, women can still do everything they would normally do when not on their period.
  • When women have cramps they are over dramatizing to receive sympathy. Some women, especially with complications such as fibroids, can have very painful cramps that can even immobilize them. It has been likened to a kick in the crotch.

Now unless you are dating a gold digger who gets in a bad mood every other day of the month, and especially when you are broke, mood swings as you called it, are not necessarily linked to periods only. Your partner could be upset with you for taking 5 hours to reply to her text, you may not have remembered an important date, or you might have forgotten to call when you said you would. Therefore, remember that women react differently to different situations, which are not time bound. Effective communication is key to the success of any relationship.


So, before you assume your woman is in a mood swing, you better run home and find out what has her irritated!




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