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Elongating the labia

Sexual practices vary per culture, even from tribe to tribe. Some practices are harmful, others are intriguing. How does Valentine respond to elongating the labia?

‘My friend has grown up in Kenya and currently lives in Uganda with the Buganda tribe and is about to get married. She realized that all women enlarge their labia with local medicine until it covers the whole private area. The reason is said to be to give more pleasure to the man. Is this really true? Do men in Uganda only love women with elongated labia?’

Well to start with, I wish ‘she’ had written to me instead of you, a very concerned friend.

Short, boring labia?

So let’s look at your ‘friend’s’ issue. She is about to marry a Buganda man and she is wondering whether he will love her with her short, boring, non-pleasuring natural labia? The kind of labia that has literally brought pleasure to billions of men on the planet. Well, frankly, only he can answer that, but I think a proposal and intent to marry might mean he cares for her, no?

Loving yourself

Another thing is that the Buganda have done this for years, but I do not know that it actually enhances male pleasure during sex in any measurable way. In fact, what I have heard is that the process of stretching the labia is very enjoyable and it makes young women get used to sexual pleasure at an early age. While women in other cultures are taught not to touch themselves and are shamed if they do, Buganda girls have the opposite experience and this allows them to participate in their sex lives more fully and without shame.

Measuring pleasure is hard

Measuring increased male pleasure in a scientific way would involve having men report how they felt during sex with women with elongated labia as opposed to regular labia, and as you can imagine that is hard to do. Reported sexual pleasure is hard to measure as it is largely influenced by culture.

Many Kikuyu women, for example, find the idea of sex with an uncircumcised man abhorrent and taboo so they might report that the sex was bad even when there might be no real physical difference.

Do make permanent changes for the sake of someone else

But back to your ‘friend’, is this man asking that she stretch her labia? Is she considering it simply to keep him? I urge that she thinks long and hard about this as it is a permanent change, very much like getting a tattoo of his name on her thigh. She should also consider that all this might not matter to him.


Do you think some cultural practices are outdated? Are there similar or different sexual practices in your tribe? We would really love to hear them on Love Matters Africa and Naija.

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  1. Am Not Asexual Expert But
    Am Not Asexual Expert But What I Know About The Goodness In Elngenting Is That When The Size Of The Libia Is Increased, The Size Of Entrec To The Vagina Is Reduced Which Increase Presure From Both Side . I Thnk Evryone Knows How Presureble Is To Enter In Avery Tight V And How Boreing Its To Enter Avery Wide V. Elngeting Also Increase Of Contuct Between Man And Woman And The Libia Is One Of The Most Senstive Female Part So All Of This Adds To Umeasureble Presurea.

    1. Thanks for your input Joseph,
      Thanks for your input Joseph, but elongating the vagina lips does not make the vagina tight. That is up to the vaginal muscles.

  2. May i ask ?is there any
    May i ask ?is there any medicine used 2 make clitoris alittle bit longer?

    1. Hi there, elongation is done
      Hi there, elongation is done by physically pulling on the labias. There is no use of medication.

    2. I understand some people…
      I understand some people somewhere in Rwanda use the Black Jack’s leaves.They Crash the leaves to produce some liquids then the apply to the clit while pulling it outward.

      1. Thank you for your…
        Thank you for your contribution Walter.

  3. Hi I will like to grow my…
    Hi I will like to grow my libia using natural herb please help

  4. Thank you for your feedback…

    Thank you for your feedback Sheila. Please feel free to look through the site and find other articles that you may find of interest.

  5. cant women without long…
    cant women without long labia can thy b married n also keep a man???

    1. Hi Anonymous, of course they…

      Hi Anonymous, of course they can and do all the time.

  6. Do they stop at some length…
    Do they stop at some length or they pull forever

    1. Hi shivan, 

      This practice…

      Hi shivan, 

      This practice is mostly common among women in their reproductive years. In most women, the labia do become larger during this period. In some communities, girls usually start to stretch their labia from teenage years. 

  7. Pls what can I do to pull…
    Pls what can I do to pull out my libia I like it when it’s out

    1. Hi Zara, 

      So sorry Love…

      Hi Zara, 

      So sorry Love Matters cannot help with this. While I respect that this is a personal preference, it is important to think carefully about why you really want to do it. Make sure that you are not doing it for reasons that won’t matter in a few years. All the best in the decision you make. Cheers!

  8. I’m 40 years old want to…
    I’m 40 years old want to make my labia long and big please help

    1. Hi Zaza, 

      So sorry Love…

      Hi Zaza, 

      So sorry Love Matters cannot help with this. While I respect that this is a personal preference, it is important to think carefully about why you really want to do it. Make sure that you are not doing it to fit in or because that is what your partner wants. If you are to do it because you truly prefer an elongated labia, then go for it. All the best in the decision you make. Cheers!

  9. God’s white moral police have got you turning your back on your culture. They hate their labia Minora and pay surgeons to cut them down in size. Also you cannot enjoy masturbation and sexual exploration in your youth white society frowns on it. Most of these white women do not orgasm from intercourse and many have trouble forming intimate relationships with their partners.

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