Birth Control

If you don't want to get pregnant – or don't want your partner to get pregnant – you need to use birth control, also called contraception or family planning. There are lots different types of birth control methods. Another way to avoid getting pregnant is abstinence.



A sponge is a birth control method with a medium failure rate. It's a soft foam disc with a spermicide which you insert into the vagina.


A diaphragm has a medium failure rate. It's a soft rubber dome that fits over the cervix, blocking sperm from getting into the womb.


An implant is a birth control method with very low failure rate. It's a tiny rod containing a hormone, which is injected just under the skin on your arm.

Female Condom

Female condoms aren’t just for women. In Zimbabwe, men use the word ‘tekenyenza’ to describe the gorgeous tickle he feels when his penis rubs on the inner ring of the female condom.


When withdrawing, a man pulls his penis out of a woman’s vagina before he ejaculates – so that there's no semen going into the vagina.