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Why do I have pimples down there?

Is it normal to get pimples around the vagina?

Pimples have no shame at all. They just appear unexpectedly and find home on your skin. They especially love the face, back, and the genitals (pubic area). Today, our focus is pimples on your vaginal area.

Get your tea and gather around the fireplace.

Vaginal pimples are quite common. They are formed when skin pores around the genital area get clogged by dirt, sweat, or bacteria. This causes irritation.

Usually, vaginal pimples are small, red (or the same color as your skin), and often have a white dot (or dark) at the tip. Some may be painful and have pus. They look like pimples that you get on your face.

These pimples can be normal but, in some cases, they could be mistaken for other conditions or infections that are more serious. Continue reading to learn more.


Do not to pop or squeeze them. This may leave the sensitive area quite irritated and cause an infection. Leave the pimple alone. Mind your business!

Common causes of vaginal pimples:

For this, it is not the governments’ fault. Here’s why you get pimples around your pubic area:

  • Hormonal imbalance

    In adulthood, women are more likely to get pimples than men due to changes in hormone levels and other factors such as wearing tight clothing.   

    Your facial skin is not the only part that gets pimples due to hormonal imbalance; the skin on your pubic area too! Sorry! A significant increase in testosterone and estrogen will put you at risk of vaginal pimples and outbreaks.

    People who have hormonal acne are also likely to get vaginal pimples or acne. This may be more noticeable during certain periods of your menstrual cycle.

    But wait, is it pimples or acne?

    The two words are used interchangeably. A pimple is one clogged and infected bump while acne refers to a group of pimples, blackheads, or whiteheads.  

  • Reaction to something

    You may be reacting to something that touched your genital area. The female genital area is very sensitive and likely to get pimples when irritated.

    Your skin may react to scented soaps, feminine wipes, tampons, pads, certain medications, lubricants, and condoms.

    Other things that can irritate the skin around your genitals are sweat, vaginal discharge, urine, and semen.

    In medical terms this condition is known as contact dermatitis. A condition where your skin reacts to something that touches it.

  • Infection of the hair follicle

    Pimples in the pubic area may also be caused by infected hair follicles. As hair grows after shaving, some hair may grow inside the skin and this causes irritation.

    In medical terms, this condition is known as folliculitis. A condition where the genital area has pimples resulting from bacterial infection of a hair follicle.   

    Another cause can be conditions that cause pimples around the body such as Molluscum Contagiosum.

How can I prevent it?

  • Ditch that satin thong! Wear clean, cotton underwear instead. Cotton is recommended because it absorbs sweat thus it will keep your vagina dry. The fabric also allows the vagina to breath. Yes, your vagina also needs to breathe!
  • Cleanliness. We tend to sweat a lot especially during hot weather. Do not sleep in the underwear you wore the entire day. You should actually sleep without underwear to allow your vagina to breathe. Be kind to your vagina!
  • For people who work out, shower and change into clean clothes as soon as possible
  • Avoid tight clothes for prolonged periods of time as these can increase friction
  • Use recommended menstrual products. Talk to your doctor if you are having a problem choosing the best option
  • Avoid using scented soaps and hygiene products on and around your genitals
  • When shaving, always use a new (sharper) razorblade. To be safe, you can also use scissors as an alternative

Finally, these pimples live on your skin rent free. Maybe you should ask them to pay rent and see if they disappear. No one likes paying rent.

When should I see a doctor?

Normally, pimples caused by a small irritation will heal on their own. However, in some cases you may have unusual pimples or bumps and this could be something more serious like genital herpes or warts.

If you have a lump that will not go away or you start feeling pain, you need to visit a doctor immediately. It is recommended that you see a gynaecologist for this problem.

Do not use facial acne products without a doctor’s recommendation. Be warned that while pimples in the genital area resemble those on the face, the former is quite sensitive thus may react very badly to facial products.

Talk to your doctor first.

The doctor should carry our tests to establish whether you have a sexually transmitted infection (STI) like genital warts or herpes. They will then advise on the best treatment options.

Got questions on vaginal pimples or would like to share your experience? Talk to us in the comments section.

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  1. Thanks ? for the consulting♡…
    Thanks ? for the consulting♡ i do really appreciate ? ❤

    1. I fail to understand why my…
      I fail to understand why my wife usually products some whitish thick fluid under her pants.

      1. Hi Eric, 

        Vaginal discharge…

        Hi Eric, 

        Vaginal discharge is totally normal. If the discharge is white, thick and lumpy, and doesn’t have a smell, it could be a sign of an infection. However, if the discharge changes to another color, it could be a sign of a problem, Read this article to understand what each discharge color means: Is my vaginal discharge normal?

    2. I have developed the the big…
      I have developed the the big bump

      1. Hi Ann, 

        Do you think that…

        Hi Ann, 

        Do you think that any of the factors mentioned in this article have caused to the bump? Is it painful? How long has it been there? Has it been recurring? If you have a lump that will not go away or you start feeling pain, you need to visit a doctor. It is recommended that you see a gynecologist for this problem.

  2. Always pleased to help Ofemi…

    Always pleased to help Ofemi. Feel free to go through more of our content to help you make more informed decisions and do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case you have any questions. Have a wonderful week and stay safe!

  3. I got the pimples on my…
    I got the pimples on my vaginal wall but they are not itchy or painfully..dies it mean I need to see a doctor coz this is the first time seeing them

    1. Hi Mumjj, 

      Vaginal pimples…

      Hi Mumjj, 

      Vaginal pimples are quite common. If this is your first time having them, it is possible that you have been exposed to one or more of the factors mentioned in the article. On the other hand, If the pimples won’t go away or you start feeling pain, you need to visit a doctor immediately. 

  4. Thanks for this.for me I do…
    Thanks for this.for me I do get this pimples on my face and on my Vigina, though they are seasonal,they really stress me alot coz I don’t know what to do I’ve seen a doctor but no change ????? kindly help

    1. HI Emmah, 

      I am so sorry…

      HI Emmah, 

      I am so sorry for what you’ve been going through. The best thing to do at this point is to visit a doctor. I see that you have been doing so but it may be that the doctor has not done intensive tests. Perhaps you can visit a dermatologist if you have not done that already. Insist on more tests and specialized treatment. All the best. 

  5. I really need to get through…
    I really need to get through this they are so irritating and they got puse.???

  6. I’ve been having the pimples…
    I’ve been having the pimples like 10 years sometyms i feel itching my pubic area and are painful sometyms

    1. Hi Mamsy, 

      If you have a…

      Hi Mamsy, 

      If you have a lump that will not go away or you start feeling pain, you need to visit a doctor immediately. It is recommended that you see a gynaecologist for this problem.

    1. You’re welcome, Karen!

      You’re welcome, Karen!

  7. I thought it is course by…
    I thought it is course by sti infection

    1. Hi Kirui, 

      Not always. In…

      Hi Kirui, 

      Not always. In some cases, it is normal to have them. 

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