a womans heart as the shape of her genitals.

Vaginas: the last 14 amazing facts

Love Matters prides itself in providing all the basic facts you need to know about the vagina. Here, however, we provide some less basic facts.

  1. Vampire therapy‘ claims to boost libido and orgasm by injecting woman’s vagina with their own blood. Medical professionals, meanwhile, have serious doubts about the practice.
  2. When actress and lifestyle blogger Gwyneth Paltrow recommended that women should steam clean their vaginas, medical professionals recommended that people should not listen to her. The practice can have nasty side-effects…
  3. A creepy sex toy manufacturer held a beauty contest for vaginas. The winner received US$ 5,000 and a trip to Los Angeles to have her vagina 3-D scanned for use in a range of sex simulators.
  4. Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi was arrested for distributing a scanned version of her vagina. She had hoped to raise money to build a kayak based on her genitalia – which she eventually succeeded in doing.
  5. Look At This Pusssy’ is an Instagram account that curates images of objects and sceneries that look like vaginas. ‘I think that all pussies are perfect, in being un-perfect… My pussy, your pussy, everybody’s pussy is f**king perfect,’ said one of the founders.
  6. Best headline ever? ‘Man accused of theft from woman’s vagina appears in court’.
  7. Vaginas are similar to accordions in their incredible shape-shifting abilities. Certain chemical signals trigger the vagina to become big enough to accommodate a penis, while other chemical signals make it big enough to pop out a baby.
  8. According to lore, Satan ‘cowered at the sight of an exposed vagina’, since only vaginas had the power to ‘ward off evil and increase crop yields’.
  9. In Hindu mythology, Shiva was so upset by his wife Shakti’s suicide that he began his dance of destruction. To save the universe, Lord Vishnu calmed him by cutting her body into 51 pieces and scattering them across the subcontinent. On the spot where her vagina landed, a temple was built where to this day a fertility festival is held to celebrate Shakti’s annual menstrual cycle.
  10. Kapo, the Hawaiian goddess of fertility, had a remarkable vagina. When her sister was sexually assaulted by a half-man/half-pig, Kapo detached her vagina and sent it flying off as a distraction. It worked: the creature blindly followed the vagina all the way to the southeast tip of O’ahu and Kapo’s sister was saved.
  11. The vagina has been variously described in sacred texts as ‘a sacred area‘, ‘a pad of pleasure’, ‘an occult religion worthy of reverence’ and ‘a symbol of the cosmic mysteries’.
  12. Vaginas don’t exist in Myanmar. The fact that no Burmese word exists to describe this rather important female body part may help explain the country’s gender inequalities.
  13. Blue balls’ is the harmless discomfort men sometimes feel when they think they are about to have sex and it doesn’t happen – their testicles fill with fluid and blood rushes to their genital region. But a similar thing happens with women. So why don’t we hear more about ‘blue vaginas’?
  14. Artist Stephanie Sarley celebrates the diversity of vaginas by making highly realistic and suggestive fruit videos. Watch and learn.

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