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Vaginas: 13 more amazing facts

Love Matters prides itself in providing all the basic facts you need to know about the vagina. Here, however, we provide some less basic facts.

  1. Only 8 % of recent animal genital research focused on the vagina. Meanwhile, 49 % focused on penises and 44 % focused on both. So why the penis fixation? There’s certainly a practical aspect: it’s easier to chop off a tube than it is to study a cavity. But most of the blame is being attributed to gender stereotyping. We have simply been wrong in thinking that when it comes to sex, the males act and the females react.
  2. A US student needed to be rescued in Germany when he got stuck in a 32-ton sculpture of a vagina. It took 22 firefighters-turned-midwives to release him.
  3. Yes, couples can get stuck together while having sex. ‘Penis captivus’ occurs when the muscles of the woman’s pelvic floor contracts during orgasm and clamps around the penis which then swells yet more. This “champagne cork” effect is extremely rare but has been documented throughout history.
  4. A lubricant called FORIA, which is a mixture of coconut oil and marijuana’s active ingredient THC, is reputed to get your vagina high. Tests are currently underway…
  5. One in five women have some interest in having their vaginal lips (labia) surgically pruned, according to an Australian study. Those who are interested seemed to have been more exposed to images of female genitals through the media.
  6. An artist has taken plaster casts of 400 women’s vaginas to create ‘The Great Wall of Vagina‘. The artist hopes “that by seeing the wide range of normal vaginas, women will feel less anxious about the appearance of their own and that they will make informed decisions about modifying their pre-existing plumbing.”
  7. Vaginal knitting‘ is an actual thing.
  8. The K-Goal is a FitBit for your vagina. By popping a little silicone pillow into your vagina, the app will tell you if you are doing your Kegel exercises correctly.
  9. The medical student Cecilia Westbrook used bacteria from her vagina to culture her own yoghurt. The resulting breakfast food tasted “sour”, “tangy” and “tingly”. She ate it with blueberries.
  10. A ‘sex selfie stick‘ lets you FaceTime with your vagina.
  11. Pompoir – also known as ‘Singapore Kiss’, and ‘kabazza’ in Arabic – is an ancient technique for training one’s vaginal muscles to enhance sexual pleasure. Tricks include: “the pull ability”, “the lock ability”, “the gripping ability”, “the pulse ability”, “the squeeze ability”, “the twist ability” and, finally, “the extrude ability”.
  12. German doctors have invented The Orgasmia: a smartphone-controlled vibrator that can be permanently implanted into your vagina.
  13. A FemiLift laser treatment of the vagina costs $US 1,150 and is said to improve lubrication and increase tightness. Unfortunately, “it just doesn’t make any sense from a medical perspective,” says a professor of medicine who instead recommends Kegel exercises to achieve these effects.

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