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Vladimir Gjorgiev

Garlic is for vampires, not vaginas

At a bridal shower, the older ladies are giving advice to the bride-to-be. Some of the advice is sound, but other advice is just downright disturbing… Garlic where?!? Shave what?!?

An uncomfortable position

It began as a regular bridal shower… The elder women were offering a variety of sentiments on how to keep a man in your bed. They suggested sexual positions that sounded either uncomfortable or boring. They exchanged remedies that seemed rather archaic – such as ‘Feed him often!’ and ‘Don’t ask too many questions!’.

Then one woman said we should shave everything off and as often as possible. This inspired another woman to say that to keep your hoo-ha looking and smelling fresh, we should also do what she does: lubricate it regularly with a garlic-based mixture, three times a week. This, she said, cleans out your lady parts – douching, basically. She claimed that 15 years into marriage and two kids later, her man still comes home to her every night.

Douching is so last century

In my opinion, garlic is for vampires, not vaginas. The vagina is a self-cleaning body part, and therefore needs no help!

And what’s this fascination that the modern world seems to have with making women-bits look like those of five-year-olds and smell like flowers (or garlic – tastes differ, I suppose)? Vaginas don’t smell like roses. They smell like vaginas. And that’s how they should smell.

Funny smells

So what does a vagina smell like, you ask? Well, there is the day-to-day discharge – which is normal, and is a combination of a little sweat and woman juices. Then there’s the stuff that comes out for some women when they’re ovulating – also perfectly okay.

The only discharge you should worry about is the one that has a smell. (And I don’t mean your period which can smell a little like iron – you’re losing blood, and blood has iron in it.) If you smell yeast, you may have a yeast infection. If you smell something distinctive, like fish, you could have another sort of infection or even an STD. So get that checked!

Pruning your hoo-ha

Women do a lot of unhealthy stuff, just because they want to look neat. Granted, this is a choice for every woman, but sometimes we go a little too far. Putting a sharp razor near my hoo-ha makes me nervous –  but that’s just me. But please, no chemicals – that’s a bad idea for everybody. All your little lady needs is a little water. She can do the rest herself.

At the end of the day, it’s your vagina and it should be your (healthy) choice. Want a little cushion? That’s fine. Content with a landing strip? We’re behind you. Prefer smooth and sleek? Hey, it’s your bikini line. Just don’t go overboard, for the sake of your sexual health.

So I know what I’m going to say when I can start dispensing advice at a bridal shower: Say it loud, say it proud: Having a bush is okay! Vaginas smelling like vaginas – also okay!

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  1. If he loved u wit ur hair
    If he loved u wit ur hair around ur v then don’t shave ,just wash it wit clean warm water thts all it works for me

    1. Thanks for your comment!
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. vagina being a self-washing
    vagina being a self-washing organ {as proved by scientists}, it does not require then an additional chemical washing it orelse it may cause a bad scent. Chemicals should only come in as a rescue to disorders, that may cause the bad smell. if the added chemicals combine with the vaginal discharge, it may react causing an infection, instead of performing the desired duty, of good scent. additionally, inserting an object such as a finger, it may cause harm as well. as it is by nature, it is only a penis designed to enter a vagina, and it has completely no harm, instead causes a pleasure. It is therefore advisable {according to me}, to simply use clean fresh water (without soap), to clean the vagina. A SOURCE FROM UGANDAN PCM STUDENT?

  3. wats the harm in shavin
    wats the harm in shavin everythin.anyway wats their use or importance

    1. There’s no harm in shaving.
      There’s no harm in shaving. It’s personal preference

  4. how do they prepare it.
    how do they prepare it.

    1. What, that garlic concoction?
      What, that garlic concoction?

  5. let your v b natural….. don
    let your v b natural….. don’t need lots of complications In which may lead to it worsen nice

    1. Let’s hope you are not on
      Let’s hope you are not on your way to get garlic 🙂

  6. I Like Wat Av Learnt Bcoz
    I Like Wat Av Learnt Bcoz Its Useful To My Angel, Thnks

    1. You are welcome, Deniz
      You are welcome, Deniz

  7. There’s,no need of using
    There’s,no need of using cosmotics to make vagina smell like rose flower because,those cosmotics are made out of chemicals which is so dangerous when it come in to contact with the waste coming out from our body.Soplease maintain your natural beauty!

    1. Roses… Or garlic 🙂
      Roses… Or garlic 🙂

  8. Douching in dis dotcom-era,
    Douching in dis dotcom-era, lol

    1. And douching really isn’t
      And douching really isn’t good 🙂

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