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8 more things women should not put in their vaginas

We’ve already talked about what should stay away from your vagina. Now, we’re adding on to make sure you’re staying safe and healthy.

  1. Talcum powder

    Talcum powder (including baby powder) is seen as a safe way to freshen up the vagina, but it has dangerous side effects. It can travel easily up along the genital tract and cause pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which can harm fertility. It is also proven to increase the risk of ovarian cancer by at least 30 per cent, and the risk increases the longer you use it. Other healthier and safer options for staying fresh and dry include wearing cotton underwear, wearing loose trousers, and sleeping without underwear.

  2. Dry sex products

    Objects such as powders, stones, douches (water), and herbal products are sometimes inserted into the vagina in order to suck out the natural moisture for dry sex. This practice is incredibly dangerous as it can cause small cuts inside the vagina which may in turn increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIVDamage to cells can also cause blood vessels to leak and tissue to swell.
    The vagina is self-lubricating which means that it becomes naturally wet when aroused. Allowing it to go through this natural process is the best way to keep your vagina healthy and infection free.

    Find out more here about dry sex, an African practise for pleasure.

  3. Scented products

    Intimate sprays, tampons, wipes, and lots of other products may be advertised as fresheners and anti-itch products. But they will do nothing to help your vagina. Some are made using benzocaine, which is a local anaesthetic that can cause allergic reactions.

    The fact that they mask the odour of your vagina is also problematic as the vagina’s scent can tell you if you might have an infection or an STD. It is also important to know that the smell of your vagina will change during your cycle.
    Don’t expect it to smell like flowers because it’s not supposed to. The only thing you need to freshen your vagina is some water and a clean piece of cloth.

  4. Temporary ink

    Temporary tattoos down there are becoming a trend. Some spas are even offering airbrushed tattoos below the belt. However, these can accidentally rub off onto your labia and cause irritation and allergic reactions due to the thin skin down there. It’s recommended that any body art should be experimented with less sensitive parts of the body. 

  5. Hair dyes

    Dying your public hair a cool new colour may seem like an exciting change. Especially since salons have created special dyes for that purpose but they can still be dangerous. Like normal hair dyes, they are made up of chemicals, which may cause serious allergic reactions as well as intense burning, which could even stop you from having sex for a couple of weeks.

  6. Oil-based lubricants

    Lubes can be great for your sex life but make sure you don’t go for any oil-based lubricants. Oil-based lubes are very difficult to wash off and can cause infections if they stay in your vagina for days on end. Oil-based lube is also not great for practising safe sex as it can break down the latex in condoms which leaves you at risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). There are lots of other lubes to choose from but your safest bet is water-based without chemical colouring.

  7. Anything with a flat or concave bottom

    Objects with a flat bottom like shampoo bottles, tubes, and cans can be problematic as suction is created in the vagina which makes them difficult to pull out afterwards. Using slim objects or objects with a curve will make it easier to slide out.

  8. Anything sharp

    Sharp objects or anything that can become sharp when broken (like hairbrushes or glass bottles) should not be anywhere near your vagina. Not only can they seriously damage your vagina, but suction can make it incredibly difficult and painful to remove.

  1. Hair removal products

    You may find that you prefer less pubic hair and want to use hair removal creams or waxing to achieve your preferred look. Although there are many creams and lotions especially created for the bikini area, it is important to test them on a small area first.

    These products usually contain harsh chemicals such as calcium hydroxide, which could cause allergic reactions if you have sensitive skin. It’s best to test the different products on offer to find the one that suits you best.

  2. Vaginal jewellery

    Vagina jewellery can be cute, but you should be aware of the glue that is used to affix the crystals onto your body parts, as it may cause irritation. Make sure to test the glue on a small area beforehand and opt for a different decorative method if your skin turns red and itchy.

    Is there something missing from this list? Let us know by leaving a comment below or via Facebook. If you have any questions, go to our discussion forum Let’s Talk.

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  1. Wat about sitting in warm
    Wat about sitting in warm water

    1. Hi this technique is used by
      Hi this technique is used by women who have just given birth. They sit in warm salty water to disinfect and help with the healing process.

    1. You are welcome Starry.
      You are welcome Starry.

  2. Love matters. Need to know
    Love matters. Need to know abt how to heal cuts or cracks caused by dry rough to cure the yellow discharges coming out from my vagina because of those wounds inside and outside

    1. Hi Shamiso, that sounds like
      Hi Shamiso, that sounds like an infection. You need to visit a clinic near you as soon as possible. If you don’t know of any you can use our website clinic search bar to find one near you.

    2. uneed to go to a
      uneed to go to a gynaeclogists to find out the cause of the yellow discharrge especially if u are having unprotected sex. carry your partner with u

      1. Thanks for the input Olie.
        Thanks for the input Olie.

  3. Love matters Some ladies

    Love matters Some ladies
    are using lemon down there is it safe or not safe

    1. Hi Mary,

      Hi Mary,

      That is not safe as it interferes with the balance in the vagina and it might lead to infections.

      The vagina is self cleaning and therefore does not need one to insert anything to clean except clean water.

  4. Which Lubes are waterbased
    Which Lubes are waterbased and how do identified

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Hi Jeff,

      Just inquire in your local pharmacy and they will give you all that information.

    1. You are most welcome.
      You are most welcome.

  5. How can spots in the vagina
    How can spots in the vagina be got rid of?

    1. What kind of spots are you
      What kind of spots are you referring to Nicole?

  6. how can I treat da wounds
    how can I treat da wounds caused due to sharp objects during shaving

    1. Hi Joan,

      Hi Joan,

      You keep them clean and disinfected so that they can heal without causing an infection.

  7. I have sounds comes from my
    I have sounds comes from my private part the sound is lyk kunyamba,why the problem?plz help.

    1. When does this happen Tabby?
      When does this happen Tabby?

  8. What about washing the vagina
    What about washing the vagina with soap coz mostly mi uskia kuwashwa kunaeza kua sabuni inachangia

    1. It’s fine to use soap to wash
      It’s fine to use soap to wash between your legs and your outer labia, but it’s not a good idea to use it to wash between your labia or inside your vagina.

      Using soap or vaginal douches to wash your vagina can upset the natural balance of bacteria, which may encourage yeast infections. It can cause itching and irritation and can be a cause of pain during intercourse. If you do use soap, choose a mild baby soap without strong perfumes.

  9. I have experienced my flow
    I have experienced my flow last for a week what’s wrong with me. ?

  10. my vagina always itch me
    my vagina always itch me seriously after having sex…
    what could be the course of it?

    1. Hi Lady P,

      Hi Lady P,
      You should consider visiting the clinic for a check up.

  11. i need to knw where ican find
    i need to knw where ican find hair removal cream

    1. You can always inquire at
      You can always inquire at your local pharmacy.

  12. Thanks for this. Quite
    Thanks for this. Quite insightful. Sometimes we assume that we are informed yet it is only after coming across such insights that we realize that we aren’t. Thanks for taking your time to educate us.

  13. ts lyk wen am heading to ma
    ts lyk wen am heading to ma peroids n after ifeel hving sex oba wats the problem?? inid help

    1. There is nothing wrong with
      There is nothing wrong with that its actually very normal. You nee not worry.

  14. plz i dont kno hw i can use a
    plz i dont kno hw i can use a condom

  15. How can I deal with the
    How can I deal with the itchiness in my vigina?

    1. You should visit a clinic as
      You should visit a clinic as soon as possible for a check up.

  16. My wife experiences whites
    My wife experiences whites/milky and a times yellowish discharge during sex and free times, serious abdominal pains,bad smell and she can’t conceive though we tried series of medications from different hospitals and health units, what could be this?

    1. Hi,


      Have you tried to take your partner to hospital. It sounds like it could be an infection. Go together and have yourself tested.

  17. y do i get wounds in dry sex
    y do i get wounds in dry sex and yellow water coming out wz a small afta sex

    1. Hi


      This could happen because of several reasons. One it could be injuries as a result of friction from dry sex or it could be a sign of an infection.

      Its best that you visit a clinic for some check up.

  18. Excellent post. I was
    Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed! Extremely useful info specially the last part 🙂 I care for such info much. I was looking for this particular info for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

    1. Thank you for your feedback
      Thank you for your feedback Valerie.

  19. Hi what about using Vaseline.
    Hi what about using Vaseline.

    1. (No subject)
      Hi Alice,

      Vaseline will fall in the category of oil based lubricants. Always used water based lubricants.

  20. Hi what about using vaseline
    Hi what about using vaseline

    1. You are welcome. Keep…
      You are welcome. Keep reading!

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