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Too ticklish for foreplay

I’ve recently slept with a guy who was too ticklish to be touched. That made foreplay pretty funny but also difficult. Do you have tips for me?

Sexy giggles

Foreplay is all about getting each other ready and in the mood for sex. And tickling each other can be a part of that and add to everyone being relaxed.

We forget sometimes that there’s nothing wrong with a good laugh while you are in bed. And teasing your man to have him end up in giggles can be very entertaining, isn’t it? It can even be quite erotic.

Don’t get frustrated with him

But sometimes, being ticklish can also restrict foreplay a bit and you don’t want your intense and sexy feelings interrupted by uncontrollable giggles. Don’t worry!
There are things the two of you can try together.

Most importantly, don’t get frustrated. There’s nothing he can do about being ticklish.

Openly talk about how the two of you can have steamy, sexy foreplay – with or without giggles. Talking about talking: sexy talk might actually be a way for you both to get in the mood – no touching required!


Start with things that won’t make him laugh. Snake your hands around his neck when you kiss him and play with his hair. Use more pressure than you usually would when you move your hands further down his body; the more pressure, the less likely he’s going to feel ticklish.

And then, explore his body. Find areas that are less ticklish or not ticklish at all. His shoulders might be a good bet or the outside of his upper arms. The more you know his body, the easier it will be for you to anticipate where and when he will be ticklish.

Some people are only ticklish when they aren’t fully relaxed, so that’s something you can look into. Are there moments when he’s more ticklish than at other points in time?
Also, try massaging with some oil – the stroking movements might feel different than ordinary touch.

Too ticklish for oral sex and masturbation?

If he happens to be too ticklish around his penis so masturbation and oral copulation become difficult, make sure he’s very, very aroused before you get started. He’s less likely to be ticklish once he’s in the mood. Or, let him start masturbating himself, and once the tickles make space for arousal, you can take over.

Be patient, the two of you will be able to figure it out together, if you are both committed to making it work. Good luck!

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  1. My partner doesn’t like…
    My partner doesn’t like foreplay he will do it for like 2 minutes and he wants sex???

    1. Hey Angella, foreplay is an…

      Hey Angella, foreplay is an important part of the sex experience and it is important that your partner gets to know this. Find a good time and talk with him about this, get to know why he doesn’t like it so that together you can agree on how to proceed including what foreplay activities you both enjoy. Check out the following article for tips;- https://lovemattersafrica.com/making-love/ways-to-make-love/foreplay-turning-up-the-heat


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