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Magic pills: boosting women’s sex lives?

‘It takes me ages to have an orgasm. And most of the time, I don’t come at all,’ Laila moans in frustration.

We’ve probably all heard that sex for a woman begins way before the actual act – from the dirty talk to the sweet gestures that make her feel loved and happy.
But a man can only really win when he makes his partner orgasm. And with some women, that’s not all that easy.
‘I orgasm more easily from oral sex than penetration,’ Jill says. So are there techniques to improve female sensation and performance and increase the chances of orgasm?
We sought the opinions of women and what they do to make their sexual experiences more exciting.

  • Gingko biloba

    You know the way people swear by green tea to clean their system and help in weight loss? Well, I swear by gingko biloba to improve my performance. The herb is known for improving memory, but it is also the secret to being a lioness in bed.
    There’s a brand that makes teas infused with the herb and that is my routine every morning. And I use two teabags when I know I’m going to be getting it on with my man that day.

    Terry, 26

  • Healthy lifestyle

    I am old-fashioned. I believe the key to having the best performance, whether in bed or in the office, is by adopting a healthy lifestyle. I eat all natural products – no junk food – and I keep fit by walking 30 minutes a day. With my healthy lifestyle, my skin, hair, and body are the best they have ever been. I also have tons of energy; so when it’s time to get intimate with my husband, I can go for hours without getting tired – whether it’s on top, missionary or whatever.
    Eat your ‘kienyeji’ (local) vegetables, fruit, exercise and you’ll be good.

    Jane, 31

  • Kegel exercises for your pelvic floor muscles

    There’s a pill for just about everything these days – from widening your hips to fattening your booty and cinching your waist. I’ve even seen tablet to return your virginity and increase your libido.
    To be honest, I haven’t tried them because I’m scared they’ll have some crazy side effect, so what I do is kegel exercises – that keeps my lady part nice and tight. The great thing about it is you can do it anywhere. Even when I’m seated, I just squeeze and release. We all know a tight vagina is the key to maximum pleasure. So yeah, that’s my secret.

    Wendy, 24

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  1. Where can I get those pills
    Where can I get those pills

    1. Hey Ali, this article is…

      Hey Ali, this article is about techniques to improve female sensation and performance and increase the chances of orgasm during sex. It is important for a woman to figure what gets her to orgasm and also share this information with her partner, this will increases the chances of actually getting to orgasm. The Pill here has been used to represent what what can do and you can also see this in the experiences shared. Check out this article with more information on female orgasm;-

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