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Girlfriend screams with pain during sex

By Valentine Njoroge January 20, 05:08 am
I've tried breaking my girlfriend’s virginity and succeeded. Now every time I try penetrating her she screams in pain. How do I go about it?

Could it be because I have a big penis? Please help!

Wow! Having sex with a woman who is screaming in pain cannot be fun; you must feel like a monster each time. No wonder you wrote in.

Take a break

I suggest you give the intercourse part of lovemaking a rest until you learn how to give your girlfriend an orgasm with other means. Tell her this, it will make her relax because if you yourself are already uncomfortable, she is dreading your sexual attention. Trust me.

Focus on other areas

You could start with a kissing and caressing session with your clothes on and then focus on these much ignored erogenous zones:

  • Scalp:  Most people love a head massage, as it immediately puts us at ease. Gently touch your partner’s scalp, run your nails over it or massage more firmly – depending on what she likes.
  • Hands: Hands are personal and very sensitive, especially the fingertips. Give your woman a hand massage and watch her reaction, this is surprisingly erotic.
  • Feet: They respond best to firm touch. If you feel a little funny about feet, try washing them first before giving the massage
  • Stomach: Try a light touch to begin with, especially as you get lower and closer to the genitals. Try a firmer touch on the sides because we are all a little bit ticklish.

Now that your partner is comfortable, you could get naked and continue with your focus on her. Kiss and touch her more major erogenous zones until she has an orgasm.

Let her take the lead

Then ask her if she wants to try intercourse. I think your experience will be very different this time. Most women need about 25 minutes of foreplay before they are well aroused and lubricated. If necessary go out and buy some lubricant – wetter is always better.

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Did you learn something new?

Am dating ths guy for almst a year now,i lov him but the problem is he doesnt satistfy me in bed,he has a very small dick compared to my ex boyfriend who we alwyz had great sex,what should i do am scared if we get married wil have problems
av being dating a gal for 6 mnths n yet she ignores it,we met last wik and had a night shift,she found a txt on ma inbox from ma ex galfriend and she is silent 4 a month since then.av tried to convince her about ma ex but she dumps me.she also not replies ma txts,wat nxt plz help,sud i look forwad to another or else wait!!!!??!!
Hi Platz, If she has already ended the relationship, perhaps you need to also move on. She probably thought you still have something going with your ex and this is why she choose to end things. You may also want to think about how you want to relate with your ex, so that this relationship doe not interfere with your moving on. We wish you well.
Hi Fay, This is normal and is caused by the sensation of intercourse. You may want to pee before intercourse so that this does not interrupt intercourse.
Wed, 10/18/2017 - 12:54 pm
I have tried breaking my girlfriend's virginity bt all in vain!! Immediately wen she starts screaming,my erections jst suddenly falls down 2 a level tht i can't penetrate!! I wonder wat the problem might be, given tht i always ensure tht i've really aroused her fully to an exent tht she has an orgasm... My penis is also slightly curved!! Plz help me
Hi, Aside from getting aroused your partner needs to be relaxed at the time of penetration. If she is not relaxed the the muscles are not relaxed making penetration difficult and painful. Sex even for the first time doesn't have to be painful. The screaming seems to be a turn off for you this is why you loose your erection since no sex happens after this. Check out these articles;-
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