Calendar and temperature method for natural family planning

Natural family planning

Natural family planning is a birth control method with a high failure rate. It means ways to avoid having sex when you are most fertile.

There are two main methods:

  • With a calendar-based method, you count the days between your periods. In the week before your period and the week after it starts you’re least fertile. In the two weeks after that, you’re most fertile.
  • With a symptoms-based method, apart from being aware of the days between your periods, you also check your body for signs you are ovulating. You can do this by regularly taking your temperature, or checking look and feel of the mucus coming out of your vagina.

Natural family planning methods have no side-effects and are cheap. But even with the tools available today, from apps to high-tech thermometers, they are very unreliable.
The more regular your periods are, and the better you understand what happens during your cycle, the better.

But the risk of getting pregnant is still very high, and you should think carefully if you are willing to take this risk.

Hey Praxides, the reasons can be as many as the number of men who don't want to have sex right after periods. You may want to find out from your partner why he doesn't like. There is however nothing wrong with having sex sex even during periods. Check out this article;-

Hey Tasha, when using the shot or injection your periods generally get lighter, some women even stop having periods altogether. Many women also have fewer period pains. Many women experience spotting and irregular periods during the first three months. There is also the risk of a possible increase in depression, anxiety, and other mood changes. Also, quite a few women gain weight while on the shot. These side effects can occur to any woman whether they have had a child or not. Lastly, one won’t be able to immediately get pregnant when they stop using the injection; it may take upto ten months to get back to normal fertility. Check out this article for addional information;-

Hey Tasha, First, not all women bleed when having sex for the first time. This is because the Hymen-in the vagina-which is what is stretched or brocken during first time sex may already have been stretched through athletic activities and/or injuries, causing the woman not to bleed. Also, if a woman is relaxed during intercourse, and is adequately lubricated, she may not bleed during penetration. Remember the lack of blood does not equal lack of virginity. Check out the following articles for more information;-


Hey Vesh, safe days are one of the most unreliable ways to prevent pregnancy, and we really don't recommend it at all. When your safe days are really depends on the length of your cycle. Technically speaking, the first seven days before and after your period, as well as the time of your period, are relatively safe. But, if you have a shorter cycle (shorter than 28 days), or an irregular one, this will vary. Also keep in mind that sperm can survive for up to five days and longer inside the body- so even if you have sex on a 'safe' day, you can still get pregnant, because the sperm survived until your ovulation date. So you see, it's a very inaccurate. And lastly, of course this won't protect you from STDs. Only condoms will. So we really recommend a more reliable method. Check out the following article for more information;-

Hi Aggie, yes it is risky to skip or miss a pill as this can lead to pregnancy should one have unprotected sex. One should take the pill as directed. Have a look at the following article for more information on using the Family Planning Pills;-

We were using this natural method and I got pregnant I want a methods that is 100% because we don't want another child now. Please advice.

Hey Sarah, there is no method that is perfect, all methods have a failure rate which means one can still get pregnant. However, some methods have a low failure rate making them more effective. Also, some methods prevent pregnancy for a shorter period while others prevent pregnancy for a long period of time. Have a look a look at the following articles with information on the various methods for you to choose from.

Hello Mercy, having epilepsy can make it challenging for a woman to get pregnant. It also presents various risks for the woman and her baby. It is for these reasons that one should get specialized care before, during and even after they deliver their baby. It is important to consult a Gynecologist/Obstetrician as one considers to get pregnant for specialized care.

i dont have a child and am not using any contraceptives what could be the problem coz i have tried everything to get pregnant but all in vain
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