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How effective is the withdrawal method?

By Love Matters February 2, 05:31 pm
This method requires good timing and seven kilograms of good luck.

Withdrawal means that a man pulls out from the vagina before ejaculating.

It is a birth control option which prevents sperm from entering the vagina. The man withdraws (pulls out) his penis from the vagina and preferably away from the woman’s external genitals before ejaculating.

This method is also known as ‘pull out’ or ‘coitus interruptus’ (if you like fancy words!).

How effective is it?

If you are not ready to be a mother or father, do not use the withdrawal method. It is not an effective method of birth control.

This method requires a lot of self-control. I am not saying you don’t have it, but do you?

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy to pull out on time!

Many men get overexcited and fail to pull out on time.

Secondly, many men actually release the sperm before ejaculating. If the pre-ejaculation (pre-cum) contains sperm, the effectiveness of this method is greatly reduced. So, even if you pull out, chances of getting her pregnant are high.

Remember, millions of sperm are released, but only one is required to fertilize an egg. Just one.

If you insist on using this method:

  • Make sure that the withdrawal is timed well. When a man is about to ejaculate, he should pull out and ensure that he ejaculates away from the woman’s genitals.
  • If you are going for a second, third, or seventh round, the man needs to urinate and clean the tip of his penis. This will help remove sperm from previous ejaculation.

If the withdrawal was not done on time and you are worried about getting pregnant, consider taking emergency contraception.

Don’t forget:

This method does not protect you from STDs and STIs. So always use a barrier method like condoms to protect yourself. These diseases never go on holiday. You can get them anytime you have unprotected and unsafe sex.

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