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Sexual health for women: top facts

By Anonymous October 24, 06:00 am
Sex is great, but it can be difficult to figure out how to make it safe, especially if you are a lesbian, bi, or queer woman.
Catch the flow

If you are unsure about a partner’s sexual health status, try to prevent the exchange of bodily fluids like vaginal fluids and blood. These are the main way to transfer infections and diseases.
To avoid contact, you can use dental dams during anal play and oral sex. Also, please make sure you don't share sex toys or at least wash them before and after sharing.

Cut your nails

Well, this one is more of a basic hygiene pointer. It’s important to have your fingernails trimmed so you don’t hurt your partner while fingering. Long nails can cause injury to the delicate walls of the vagina and increase the risk of infections.

And pain: you only want your partner to let out pleasure-filled screams, right?

Mark your territory

While it might feel good to share things like sex toys (dildos, vibrators) with your partner, it is best to have some boundaries here.
Ideally, everyone should have their own toys to decrease the risk of passing on infections. If they must be shared, make sure that the toy is thoroughly washed with soap and water before and after each time it's used.

Never compromise on health and check-ups

The best way to ensure good sexual health is to know your body. This way, you are more likely to spot if there are any unnatural changes: like an itchy pubic area, smelly or differently coloured vaginal discharge, and so on.

It is good to consult the gynaecologist whenever you feel something is even slightly off.

But, even if there are no health issues, periodic check-ups at the gynaecologist should be done. Try to shed the fear of being judged and go ahead to talk honestly. Ask around for references to non-judgemental gynaecologists, beforehand though.

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Hi Chidima, it is perfectly normal for your vagina to have a smell. Infact the smell of you vagina will tell you about the health of your vagina. The only thing you need to freshen your vagina is some water and a clean piece of cloth. It is important that you don't upset the natural balance of the vagina which is likely to cause infections. Check out the following article for additional information;-

Hi Liz, it is perfectly normal to have a discharge which changes throughout your cycle. This also applies to your vagina, it should actually have a certain smell. Often you have a different smell just before your period compared to around the time of your ovulation. Don’t use vaginal soap, douches or perfumes to take away the smell. They can irritate your vagina and make the smell even stronger. Wash your vulva with water and wear cotton underwear. It’s fine to use soap to wash between your legs and your outer labia, but it’s not a good idea to use it to wash between your labia or inside your vagina.

Hey Liz, If you notice an Odor down there, it's 99% sure that you have a bacteria or fungal growth. Here is what I recommend: Use water without soaps! It should be cold or lukewarm. After through cleansing, dry the genital and then make sure you check with your Chemist, buy some Suppositories and antifungal pessaries. You should also have a lab test for vaginal swab culture and sensitivity to know whether you might be positive for an STD. Good luck

Thank you Vincent for your contribution. Vaginal odour is normal however what's normal for one may not be for another. When, for this reason one observes a drastic change in smell, colour or quantity, especially in combination with itching, pain or redness, it could be a sign of infection. In such a case one needs to consult a doctor as soon as possible. Have a look at the following article for additional information;-

Hey IQ, First the vagina is a muscle, and while it loosens during sex, it will tighten again afterward. And there is no evidence that it might just stay loose for instance, if a woman has lots of sex. Secondly, a wet vagina is a sign you are aroused and this is a good thing since it helps to make sex pleasurable for both partners. If it interferes with sex so that you don’t feel the friction, you could use a towel to wipe off periodically or try another position that gives you both sufficient friction. Check out the following articles;-

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