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What does it mean to be bi-curious?

John is a straight man but for some time now, he has been fantasizing about having sex with another man.

Sometimes he fantasizes about having sex with his male best friend and sometimes he fantasizes about having sex with men he sees in the streets or in porn. The term bi-curious would likely apply to john.

Another good example of bi-curious is when a straight woman has a desire to have a sexual relationship with another woman or a lesbian woman wants to have sex with a man.

So, what is bi-curious

Bi-curious is a label given to a straight person who is curious about engaging in sexual activities with persons of the same sex. 

Some people describe bi-curious as a person who generally wants to explore sexual activity with someone with a gender identity that is different from the gender they are usually attracted to.

Bi-curious can also be used for people who identify as gay or lesbian and are curious about heterosexual relationships.

Being Bi-curious is not permanent. It is typically seen as a temporary identity.

What is the difference between bisexual and bi-curious?

A bisexual is someone who is attracted to more than one gender like being attracted to both men and women.

The difference between bi-curious and bisexual is that, for bisexuals, it is a stable identity but for bi-curious, it is an off-and-on identity meaning, they may still be navigating their sexuality.

Sometimes people who identify as bi-curious may end up identifying as bisexuals or may sometimes end up identifying as gay or straight or even as lesbian and this is totally normal.

Who can be bi-curious?

Heterosexual people, gay people, lesbian people just to mention a few can all be bi-curious. In short, anyone can be bi-curious.

What should I do if I think I am bi-curious?

If you think you are bi-curious, don’t panic or feel scared. Take things slow. These feelings are normal and with time you will be able to figure out who you are and who you are attracted to

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