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6 first period stories you’ll relate to

Do you remember your first-period experience? To many women, it is an unforgettable experience. 6 women share their first-period stories. 

From screaming in the bathroom to inserting tissue in the vagina, here are 6 first-period stories that you will most likely relate to.

Akinyi the school’s laughing stock

I vividly remember a male classmate placing a small mirror between my legs to see my underwear. My dress had stains. I knew little about periods and like most girls, I was unprepared. An older girl offered tissue paper and advised that I inserted it in my vagina to stop blood from coming out – don’t try this at home! She also advised me to tie my sweater around my waist such that it hid the stains. I walked with my legs together to secure the tissue just in case. I was 10.

Aisha the screamer!

I hated the sight of blood, I still do, so when I saw bloodstains in my underwear, I panicked and screamed so loud. My elder sister came to check on me. I showed her and bloodstains and all she could say was, ‘Do you know that you can now get pregnant?’ I honestly didn’t know what that meant until years later. She guided me on how to wear a pad and tampon and how to dispose of them.  I was 12.

Mumbi the secretive one

I was 13 when I noticed blood stains in my underwear. I did not tell anyone even though I had a bit of cramps. I honestly thought I had pooped in my pants since the stains looked brown and I was, of course, quite embarrassed. I kept wiping the blood hoping it would soon clear. It didn’t. Luckily, we were on holiday. I told my mum on the third day of my period. She brought me some of her pads. The pads were quite thick, I walked like a duck when I wore one. Thank God for tampons!

Sheila the all-knowing 

I told my mum that I was bleeding. She laughed. We had a shop so she handed me pads without saying a word. I went to my room, unwrapped a pad, and stuck the sticky side of the pads on my vulva. Let me tell you Maina, removing that pad was painful! That’s actually how I learned how NOT to wear pads. I was 12.

Dinda the lucky one

I knew how to handle periods since I was 8. I pretty much knew everything that was going to happen when my period came and how to take care of it. So, when I saw bloodstains in my pee, I knew what to do. My aunty Mueni had taken me through all I needed to know. Thanks, auntie!

Eve the runner!

I was 11. I knew what periods were and when it happened, I was at school. I noticed blood stains in my underwear and immediately ran away from school. I knew what a few days earlier, an older girl whose dress had blood stains has been mocked by boys. I didn’t want to fall, victim. When I arrived home and told my dad what was going on, he was a bit awkward about it but he gave me money to buy pads.

What is your first-period story? Share with us in the comments section.

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