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Orgasms: 11 more mind-blowing facts

By Steve Korver December 20, 06:00 am
Love Matters prides itself in providing all the basic facts you need to know about the orgasm. Here, however, we provide some less basic facts.

1. Prostate orgasms are 33 per cent more intense than penile orgasms, according to research. Hence the prostate’s nickname: ‘the male G-spot’.

2. A recent study suggests that men with a sense of humour give their partners more orgasms. What a laugh!

3. The distance between your urinary opening and your clitoris can predict whether you belong to the 70-90 per cent of females who cannot achieve an orgasm through standard penetrative sex alone. The magic number is apparently 2.5 centimetres – just over an inch.

4. Wearing socks helps women get orgasms. Warm feet apparently soothe the parts of the brain that respond to danger – thereby making the ride to rapture smoother.

5. The main reason women fake orgasms is out of concern for their partner’s feelings. The second most common reason is to enhance their own arousal. And really, what’s wrong with a bit of selfishness in the name of pleasure?

6. Known as ‘Dr Orgasm’, Dr Charles Runels injects women’s clitorises with their own blood. He claims this O-shot can cure sexual dysfunction. Others claim it’s a placebo.

7. Many people claim they get their best orgasms after smoking marijuana. 'One hit is usually enough to relax and get us in the mood,' says one weed evangelist.

8. Your ability to keep a rhythm – and synchronising it with the natural rhythm of your neurons firing – may be essential to giving yourself and your partner an orgasm, according to recent research.

9. While men only have their one go-to ejaculatory orgasm, women have a whole rainbow of 'orgasmic patterns' to choose from.

10. Orgasm control – also called ‘edging’ – is the sexual practice of delaying one’s orgasm in the name of having a more intense orgasm in the end. And it works for both sexes. However, with the male orgasm usually arriving in between 3 and 7 minutes, and the female orgasm generally requiring 20 to 40 minutes of action before arrival, it’s obvious which sex needs to work on their edging.

11. Female squirting orgasms are celebrated across the world and throughout history. Recently, it’s gotten a bad rap because some suspect the resulting liquid with urine. It’s not.

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