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Female orgasm: myths busted

A woman’s orgasm seems like a difficult subject to grasp. Not only is it confusing for men; even some women have a tough time cracking the O-word.

Myths and urban legends around the taboo topic add to existing misconceptions.

  1. Intercourse is the key to a woman coming

    Not really. In fact, some studies suggest that only one-third of women can orgasm through sexual intercourse alone. Most other women need manual or oral stimulation to reach climax. If you’re trying to figure out what works for your partner, communicate with her. Try out different positions and different ways of making love – take your time to know what works best.

  2. She’s ‘frigid’ if she doesn’t climax

    There could be different medical or psychological reasons behind a woman not being able to reach an orgasm. Scientists and doctors call this condition ‘anorgasmia’.

    If a woman has difficulty coming or simply doesn’t come, it doesn’t mean she’s ‘frigid’, or cold towards you.

  3. It’s the partner’s fault if she can’t orgasm

    There might be varied reasons for a woman not being able to reach an orgasm – a position that doesn’t work, an unmatched rhythm during sex, insufficient foreplay, or even anorgasmia. But none of these should point the blame towards the partner.

    Her pleasure is also her responsibility. A woman needs to communicate clearly what she likes and dislikes so her partner can cooperate.

  4. No orgasm = bad sex

    As strange as it might sound, women also enjoy sex that doesn’t always end in an orgasm. For a lot of women being intimate with their partners and exploring each other’s pleasure areas alone can be very satisfying.

  5. Orgasms are like in the movies

    Female orgasms aren’t easy. Not as easy as porn and Hollywood flicks make them appear. Neither do all women have the most earth-shattering experience when they come. Some women have waves of less intense climaxes, for example. So don’t believe actors when it comes to finding out the truth about female orgasms.

  6. Only women fake orgasms

    You’re wrong. Men fake orgasms too! That’s right. A quarter of the men surveyed for a recent study at the University of Kansas revealed that they had faked orgasms too.

  7. Women don’t ejaculate

    Oh yes, women can ejaculate too! They might ejaculate white, milky fluid that looks a bit like semen or gush out floods of a clearer fluid. Some women get these squirting orgasms from intense penetration – it’s associated with stimulation of the G-spot, a sensitive area on the front wall of the vagina. And there’s also an African love-making technique called Kunyaza that’s supposed to ensure squirting orgasms for women.


    Have you heard a rumour about sex and wonder if it’s true? Let us know and we’ll nail the facts or bust the myths! Leave your comment below or contact us via the discussion board.

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  1. Bt i av try al dis,bt she
    Bt i av try al dis,bt she still dnt orgams, am reil worried

    1. Hi Wale what have you tried
      Hi Wale what have you tried in particular? Kindly share more.

    2. Its her who should relax and…
      Its her who should relax and enjoy the moment, eventually it will come

      1. Thank you for your input. 

        Thank you for your input. 

  2. How will l know when I
    How will l know when I organiz

  3. ..,nice topic 4teaching
    ..,nice topic 4teaching patners…

        1. Keep reading our articles!

          Keep reading our articles!

  4. youre very much right,iagree
    youre very much right,iagree with you

    1. We are happy that you do
      We are happy that you do Murunga.

  5. Please I want to know how
    Please I want to know how should I stimulate a woman who has no clitoris I mean those who have done the fgm and know it is difficult to reach orgasm

    1. Hi Face, you should talk to
      Hi Face, you should talk to your partner and find out what tuns her on and how she likes to be stimulated. The clitoris is an important pleasure part and it extends further than we can see, so just because a woman has undergone fgm does not mean she cannot get pleasure.

  6. Its a good thing you’ve let…
    Its a good thing you’ve let me know what I never knew

    1. Thank you Daisy. Keep…

      Thank you Daisy. Keep reading our articles. 


    1. Hi Muchiri, have you tried…

      Hi Muchiri, have you tried getting into a relationship with one? Try getting into situations that will give a chance to meet girls, if you see someone you like, approach them and see if they are interested in a relationship. All the best.

  8. Why are some women not…
    Why are some women not expressing the feeling

    1. Hi Laban, I couldn’t…

      Hi Laban, I couldn’t possibly tell you why, but it maybe helpful to find out why the person you are with respond in the way they do.

  9. Because it always feels good…
    Because it always feels good while sexulating

    1. Hey, we appreciate your…

      Hey, we appreciate your contribution.

  10. I am a guy 26 why do i cum…
    I am a guy 26 why do i cum so fast? Is it the masturbation?

    1. Hey Acquinas, masturbation…

      Hey Acquinas, masturbation does not cause premature ejaculation which is what you are experiencing. Premature ejaculation is caused by a number of reasons including fear, performance anxiety, stress. In younger men it could be as a result of sexual inexperience; as one gains more experience they also gain better control of their ejaculation. Check out the following articles for more information;- 



    1. Hello Sara, thank you for…

      Hello Sara, thank you for the kind feedback. Keep reading our articles. 

    1. Hey SRA, what exactly don’t…

      Hey SRA, what exactly don’t you agree with?

    1. You are welcome Steve.

      You are welcome Steve.

    1. You are welcome Steve.

      You are welcome Steve.

  11. I need ladies who’s serous…
    I need ladies who’s serous with love

    1. Hi Moses, Sorry to say, we…

      Hi Moses, Sorry to say, we are not a dating service and cannot assist you in finding a partner. Best thing to do is take some time with yourself, find hobbies, practice things that you love and try to learn how to be happy with yourself. Happiness and confidence is attractive in a person and when you find yourself in a good place people will find you. As always, feel free to ask us any questions about love, sex or relationships if they come up. Best of luck.

  12. a fantastic lesson for many
    a fantastic lesson for many

    1. Thank you for the feedback. 

      Thank you for the feedback. 

  13. Well informed that not all…
    Well informed that not all women reach orgasm.My wife is soo swt but doesn’t feel the sex fluid that comes out of her.Is it ok to suck her clitoris?

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