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Female condoms: what’s hot

Female condoms are undergoing a revolution – they’re becoming sexy. Check out what the future holds for female condom users.

Female condoms still seem a bit boring when compared to their male counterparts. The good old FC 1 (FC: female condom; produced by the Female Health Company) might have been revolutionary, but its handling wasn’t the easiest – luckily the FC 2 was a huge step forward. And with more changes to come, it will be easier and more fun to switch from male to female condoms.


Cupid Female Condom

Cupid Female Condoms are made in India, and are available online in India. The Cupid condom is the only new female condom that is approved by the World Health Organization to be distributed by its agencies – and that’s a real achievement.

The Cupid’s outer ring is octagonal, which is supposed to make it stay in place easily. And instead of an inner ring, there’s a sponge about the size of a golf ball inside the condom at the end. This firstly helps the condom stay in place, and secondly absorbs semen. That means that you’re less likely to spill sperm all over yourself and the bed when you take it out.

The Cupid comes in different colours and different flavours, like vanilla. They aren’t suitable for people with latex allergies – they should use a polyurethane option.

Woman’s Condom

The Woman’s Condom is an innovation by Path, an international NGO. This condom’s material is softer and thinner compared to other female condoms. What’s more, instead of the inner ring, which can cause discomfort, there are four soft foam pieces on the outside of the condom. That way, it clings to the vaginal wall and stays in place securely.

Path have also worked on making it easier to insert the condom, which with most female condoms can be a bit of a fumbly affair. They have packaged it in a bullet-shaped pouch, which is inserted like a tampon. The wrapper then dissolves within a minute, leaving the condom securely in place.

Panty Condom

The Panty Condom sounds a bit like a combination of a kinky sex toy and birth control. This South American invention combines a underwear – a sexy thong – with a female condom. The panty has a replaceable liner that contains a condom. The condom itself is inserted with a finger or by the man’s penis. Once you are done, you dispose of the condom, keep the panty and replace the used condom with a new one.

The downside – this contraption is currently only available in South America. And of course, you have to be into the idea of keeping your underwear on during sex!


The Reddy condom – also called the VA WOW, V amour, L’amour or Sutra depending on where you buy it – is a latex condom. It also has a sponge that helps keep it in place and that is supposed to make the insertion easier and more comfortable. The condom itself is a pouch attached to an outer, triangular ring that keeps the condom in place outside of the vagina.

This condom is approved by the India Drug Control Authority and some other agencies. And it’s being reviewed for WHO pre-qualification, so it could soon join the Cupid on the shelves of UN agencies.

New uses: female condoms and anal sex

And not only are there changes when it comes to the condom itself, people also find new uses for them. Female condoms for anal sex are a new craze. Traditional male condoms tend to constrict the penis – the female condom allows for movement that is more free. That’s not just an advantage for vaginal sex, but also for anal.

What’s more, a female condom doesn’t have to be removed from the vagina or anus at the same time as the penis. So for people who would like to have anal sex but are a bit squeamish about seeing poo, it’s an option. The female condom can be disposed of much more discreetly.


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  1. How would you insert it in
    How would you insert it in the anus?

    1. The same way as with the
      The same way as with the vagina, by squeezing the lower ring together and inserting it. Lots of lube might make it easier.

  2. We need panty condom in kenya
    We need panty condom in kenya.

    1. We would love that, too!
      We would love that, too!

  3. kwa nini female codom
    kwa nini female codom haipatikani kwa haraka

    1. Rose,

      probably because less people ask for them.

  4. thur,01/15/2015-10:40

    i nid to see wan ave never seen.

    1. Beatrice,

      most chemists sell them, particularly the FC2.

  5. do female condom burst?
    do female condom burst?

    1. Bursting is less common
      Bursting is less common compared to male condoms, but they can break.

  6. Curious about using the…
    Curious about using the female condom whare can I get one…

    1. Hey Tess, trying checking at…

      Hey Tess, trying checking at the Pharmacy. Some health facility especially government run facilities stock them as a birth control option. Happy trying.

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