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I don’t shave my pubic hair

Yes, I said it. I don’t! If you don’t like it, bite me!

I am assuming that everyone reading this has hair down there. If you haven’t yet, this is for you as well. Plus, don’t worry, one day soon, it will.

I believe that porn and other media have shaped our perceptions about shaving pubic hair. What you see are pubic areas shaved to resemble a bald head. Like an apple! This is presented as the standard of sexiness and desirability. It’s an unspoken rule.

If you’ve been keener when watching porn, this is almost always seen in women, most men will have pubic hair. Mhhh! I wonder why?!

To answer my own question, the expectation of having a shaved pubic area is placed on women. A man can be as hairy as a Norwegian Forest Cat and that’ okay, but if a woman does she will likely be looked at a certain way, mocked, or labeled as unsanitary.

A woman is often given a side-eye and shamed for having body hair on any part of her body. This could be in the armpits, legs, or vaginas.

I’m about to start shouting. Let me gather myself. Breathe in, breathe out!

We are good. Let’s continue.

If pubic hair bothers you, how about dating a woman who shaves! It’s like getting with a slender partner and later asking them to gain weight because you like bigger. Pthooo!

If pubic hair is a deal-breaker for you, you can ask her on the first few dates; ‘do you shave?’ or you can ask ‘Bushy or shaved?’ either way the message will be home.

Let me ask you, why do you shave? Take a minute to think about it and you’ll be shocked to learn that you likely do it so as to be seen as clean by prospective sexual partners. It is said that single girls walk around bushy and I think this supports the above theory.

Other reasons women give are to feel more feminine and to feel soft.  

Do what makes you happy

If you are with someone who finds your pubic hair ‘unsanitary’ or ‘gross’ and asks you to shave, they don’t deserve you. The audacity! No one should be in charge of your body other than you.

You should be in charge of what your lady parts look like. Do what floats your boat.

If you are a young girl going through puberty, you may have already noticed body hair starting to grow. Celebrate this and do not let people influence you to do what is generally accepted or considered right. You should embrace whatever length of pubic hair they want, it’s all about your comfort and what you consider sexy.

The trend of shaming grown women for not shaving their pubic hair needs to stop.

If you don’t like shaving, enjoy your bush! If you prefer to shave, make sure that it is because you like it shaved, not because other people prefer it that way.

Do you shave? Why or why not? Talk to us in the comments section.

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  1. I don’t like Girls with…
    I don’t like Girls with bushy private parts because the hairs can injure you when having intercourse.

    1. Interesting! How can the…

      Interesting! How can the pubic hair hurt you Merito? 

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