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Little blue pills

By Valentine Njoroge February 15, 06:00 am
What’s your advice for a man who takes the blue pills (Viagra) and he is married?

Hmmm let me see…. *Throws hands up* Enjoy????

Not immoral

Kenyans, being predominantly Christian, want to attach moral values to acts or events that do not necessarily have one. Taking a pill is not a moral issue; it is neither right nor wrong. It is simply an act. It might be medically ill-advised, but it’s just that, an act. Like walking into a bar or making a phone call.

A little help

Viagra helps a man to achieve and maintain an erection, and thus hopefully enhances his sexual performance. For a man to get an erection, the blood vessels in his penis have to fill up with blood. As men age, this process becomes slower and the erections last a shorter time. Viagra was designed to open blood vessels up so that blood could flow easily through them, and thus decreasing blood pressure in people with hypertension. Enhanced erections were a welcome side-effect, and what the drug has become famous for.

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My opinion's not the one that matters

Now because the man in question happens to be married, the reasonable assumption is that the person on the receiving end of his sexual performance is his wife. Her's is, therefore, the opinion that matters the most, not mine. Is she happy with the result? Is she unimpressed? What does she think of her man taking self-prescribed medication? The two of you should talk.

Ask a doctor first

But since you asked, I say congratulations to the man who cares so much about his sex life and enhancing his and his partner’s experience that he went in pursuit of medication.

I would urge you to seek the opinion of a doctor, just to make sure that your body can handle any side-effects because these pills were not invented to induce erections.

Would you encourage your partner to take Viagra? Why or why not? Share your opinions with us below or write to us on Love Matters Naija or Love Matters Kenya.

Did you learn something new?

HI Koriom, If abused they might cause dependacy and for mostly people in old age they might increase the chance of a heart attack.
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